Get a $10,000 Grant to Make Your College Greener from Brita!

If you’ve ever had an idea that would make your college a more environmentally sound place, here’s an opportunity you should check out!  The Brita Products Company is sponsoring the FilterForGood Program to help college students make their colleges greener.

Here’s how it works: you fill out this online application form and include detailed information about your plan to make your campus more environmentally friendly. Be sure to read the program guidelines.  If Brita likes your proposal, they may be willing to find you, and they’ve agreed to give $10,000 grants to up to five projects that they feel are feasible and beneficial.

Wow, what a great way for college students to get involved and make a practical difference!

6 Responses to “Get a $10,000 Grant to Make Your College Greener from Brita!”

  1. Eco Homes says:

    All of us have to find keep searching for solutions in order to help save our earth. Really like reading about this.

  2. Beth Terry says:

    Our campaign is all about lessening our plastic waste. In fact, the update that will be published on our site tonight thanks Clorox for the good work they are doing helping to save plastic bottle waste. We absolutely want to get people off of disposable bottles. We just see the irony in switching to another disposable plastic product.

    Thanks for what you’re doing.


  3. Angelina says:

    I think it’s all things in due time. I think overtime, the cartridges/filters will leave less an impact than will hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of plastic bottle waste. Everyone is doing their part. This mess didn’t occur over night and no one can expect individuals or corporations to fix it over night.

    I recently bought a bottle of Clorox’s new “Green Works” household cleaner. Smells 100 times better than the old chemical stuff and I feel so much better about using it… for both the Earth and the surfaces my food is prepared on.

    I appreciate the Take Back the Filter campaign. Community efforts like that can sometimes make an influence. My fear is that it would deter people from switching to filters at all…. meaning they’re still using dozens of bottles a week. And that one tiny filter once a month, versus hundreds of bottles a family could use in a month, is going to leave a much smaller footprint.

    Remember, everyone has to do their part. Back to the point of this blog post though- what a wonderful initiative (the scholarship) and I hope some truly ingenious ideas are rewarded. Who knows- maybe one of them will be a recyclable filter for Brita!!

  4. Beth Terry says:

    While it’s great that Clorox (maker of Brita water filters) is going green and working to end the spread of plastic bottle waste with its Filter For Good campaign, what they don’t tell you in their ads is that the plastic Brita cartridges themselves are not yet recyclable.

    Check out this YouTube video:

    And please check out the Take Back The Filter campaign and help spread the word. We are collecting signatures, writing letters to Clorox, and collecting used filters. Help us help them go even more green!

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