Sarah Palin Attended Six Colleges in Six Years

Sarah Palin has more experience applying to colleges than she does as governor (serving Alaska for 22 months).

sarah palin

We previously shared Sarah’s alma mater. It appears that the VP candidate did in fact attend six universities in six years, finally snagging a journalism degree from the University of Idaho in 1987. There is no evidence she worked for the school’s media, but she did work briefly for Anchorage’s KTUU as a sports reporter. Only two other Presidents have had previous careers as journalists- Benjamin Harrison and JFK.

This detailed story at WikiAnswers talks more about Palin’s college-hopping days and her lack of extracurricular participation at each.

8 Responses to “Sarah Palin Attended Six Colleges in Six Years”

  1. Roland says:

    Sarah Palin is an outback idiot with a crowd of short bus followers.

  2. Sergio Ballustroni says:

    I deplore the “politics of personal destruction” exercised by the left (socialists, Marxists, Communists, Democrats), and by campaigns of misinformation. She is a good person and highly successful. She’s a good mother and family person. She is the only person I can recall who stood up to the oil companies and won. Communism is the big lie. You can’t debate her on the issues and win, so you try to discedit her. The American people are going through an age of enlightenment on the truth about the left. Someday I would hope to see the Democrat Party outlawed in the USA for treason committed over the last 80 years. I would also like to see Republicans outlawed for crimes against the American people through corrupt FDA and EPA policies and anti-trust violations. I am an Independent voter.

  3. Gen says:

    I hardly think this woman’s sports reporter career puts her in the same league as JFK. And why do you reference two other presidents as though she was one too? Did I miss an election or something? I have yet to hear anything that tells me how she is qualified to run for the office of president. She is pathetic!

  4. weagtarwgr says:

    verry inteligent end beautiphul whomen

  5. Memo Gomez says:

    Maybe Sarah Palin’s municipal and state management success would be more notable if she had been a college drop-out like Bill Gates. At least she has had management experience.

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