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Last week, Oprah endorsed the Amazon Kindle as her new favorite thing. She cited the Kindle with “changing her life” and being “the wave of the future.” Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes are somewhat of a legend, she’s given away everything from gas grills and her favorite pajama bottoms, to facial creams and Blackberries. In the hundreds of items Oprah has put her “favorite” stamp on, she’s claiming the Amazon Kindle is her all-time fave.

We introduced the Amazon Kindle to you a couple of months ago. This revolutionary digital reading device can hold up to 200 complete books, magazines and newspapers, making it easy for you to read on-the-go anywhere, anytime you like, without lugging a bag of hardbacks around. It uses 3G wireless technology, similar to a cell phone, so you never need WiFi. Anytime you’re in the mood for a new read, simply use your Kindle to access the Amazon bookstore and download your choice of more than 185,000 book titles, most for $9.99 or less. You can also subscribe to hundreds of magazines, domestic and international newspapers and more than 850 blogs.

The Amazon Kindle sells for $359. If you use promo code OPRAHWINFREY, you can save $50- and buy five new books! This offer expires 10/31/08.

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