College Transcripts of George W. Bush Show C Average

George W. Bush wasn’t the best college student around.  But at least he’s been up front about his college record, unlike Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin. John McCain, on the other hand, has been quite upfront about the fact that he was ranked 894 out of 899 in the Naval Academy.

In fact, George W. Bush has openly released his Yale University undergraduate transcript.  As you can see, Bush truly was a solid C student.  He never got an A in anything the entire time that he was in college (although he never got a D or an F either).  Bush almost got As in history and anthropology, and earned a high pass in Japanese, of all things.  However, he received a 71 and a 73 respectively in his two political science and government classes.  His lowest grade was in sociology — a 70.

Bush earned a 1206 on the SATs, which is pretty good.  These days, though, a 1200 won’t get you anywhere near Yale, so I wonder how true that was back then, and how much Bush’s father’s connections had to do with getting him in.

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  1. infidel1375 says:

    Funnyhaha: Sorry dude, but when Odummy graduated from Harvard, the 10% for MCL honors was not in effect. That actually came about because for many years HL was giving out CL and above honors to about 75% of its graduating class. During Barry’s time at Harvard, 3/4 of the his class got CL honors, so MCL was probably somewhere in the 40-50% range. Given that Barry was a “C” student through most of his academic career elsewhere, it’s safe to say that he did earn MCL, only it wasn’t by being in the top 10% of his class. “Congrats Barry, you earned MCL, along with every other student in your class.” The true test of his intelligence is this: had he been among the best and brightest in his class, he would have been heavily recruited to clerk for a judge or go to a top DC law firm; he did neither. Instead, Barry the quota student went to a Chicago law firm and argued a handful of cases before switching to politics. His law resume was as unimpressive as his Columbia thesis. He’s a bright guy (110-115 IQ probably), but he’s no genius.

  2. JohnnyLush says:

    Well…Bush was no Rhodes scholar. We can also laugh at Gore’s grades which were worse. Lets see….Ted Kennedy gets kicked out of Harvard for cheating. Bush is a C student. And Gore got D’s in science. NO WONDER OUR COUNTRY IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES. We are electing lazy halfwits. Note: I don’t care about SAT/ACT scores. I am only looking at the actual work/grades they received.
    Note: Gore did appalling in law school. Eight classes taken over several semesters Gore recieved 5 Fs. No wonder he dropped out of Law School.

  3. Jack A. Milavic says:

    Comment was made that President Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude. Interesting since his transcripts have never been made available to public. How do we know this is accurate? Yes, George was not an impressive student but we can at least access his transcripts.

  4. BHA in Vermont says:

    I REALLY doubt an 1100 SAT would have gotten you anywhere NEAR an Ivy school in 1980. My 1974 1220 SAT wasn’t good enough to get into a University of California school let alone an Ivy.

    Bush the younger got into Yale because:
    – his father was a millionaire (1 of 90,000 in the country, the top income tax bracket was 70%, down from 88% 1946-1963)
    – a U.S. Senator
    – and a Yale alumnus.
    Money and power DO buy entrance to ‘elite’ schools.

  5. Funnyhaha says:

    George never received a D or F? Technically you are correct. But look at the 4 “NP” (No Pass) grades he received. Students change their grading options to P/NP for 2 reasons: they have a really high GPA and don’t want a C lowering their GPA, or they aren’t passing the class with at least a -C.

    Bush had to repeat those classes, which indicated he essentially failed them. He used the P/NP to keep D and F grades off his transcript.

    There is nothing wrong with that; this is why colleges allow P/NP grading options for a limited number of classes. I just want to correct the writer’s analysis of Bush’s grades.

    Ed, in 1980, an 1100 would not get you into an Ivy League school. Bush’s CEEB score of 1206 was very low when the median CEEB score was 1386. 180 point difference is pretty substantial.

    “His College Board scores (leaked by some current Yale students and reprinted in The New Yorker) were 566 for the verbal part and 640 for math. Those were far below the median scores for students admitted to his class, as published in his Yale class’s 25th reunion book: 668 verbal and 718 math.”

    Finally, regarding Obama’s grades at Harvard. Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School. He had to be in the top 10% of his class to graduate Magna Cum Laude. One has to have really, really high grades to graduate Magna Cum Laude from any college.

  6. System0 says:

    just ask someone who went to class with him

  7. Ed says:

    In 1980 1100 on your SAT’s would get you into an Ivy League school.

  8. Daniel says:

    The transcript is an obvious forgery. If you look at the grades his first year are typed inthe last three years are hand written in. I llooks to me the transcript was his first year’s grades but the last three years grades were probably too horrendous to show so they took his first year report card and made it into a complete college transcript. Bush dream team’s damage control.

  9. GOHEMI says:

    And while George W. Bush was not exactly a shining students during his college days at Yale the Don never questioned it (why did he not request his college transcripts and test scores?) Duh??? Could it be….SATAN?

  10. Glojohowitz says:

    And WHAT exactly do “President” Obama’s transcripts tell us? Oh wait, he’s never released them…

  11. Harvard Delende Est says:

    Let’s see now:

    George Bush – 2 ivy league degrees, near photographic memory, speaks fluent spanish, studied Japanese, hot wife, beautiful kids, can kick your ass.

    Al Gore – Rocked out of law school, blew election as nominee of incumbent party during time of peace and prosperity, serial liar, heinous wife and children, sticks tongue down throat of unsuspecting “masseuse” who is even uglier than his wife, could not fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

    B.O. – Affirmative action poster boy, hides school transcripts, “memoirs” ghost written by terrorist, married to Grace Jones, sounds like discombobulated boob when not reading off TelePrompTer, doesn’t know what a trailer hitch is, can’t swim, uni-lingual, rumored to be on the “down low”, and never been in a fist fight in his life.

    The best and the brightest huh? You can keep em.

  12. melissa says:

    Im sorry but you are wrong…Bush did nothing but play dress up and giggle at the fact that people saluted him…It was Cheny that ran the country..Cheny the money hungry , power obsessed traitor.

  13. oldParasiteSingle says:

    Al Gore and Obama graduated from Harvard with honors. Gore was active with providing internet access to the country and won himself a shared Nobel prize for his work towards a world summit on global warming. Obama was a grassroots community organizer who became President of the Harvard Law review. In contrast W was proud of his low grades and covered up all questions about his undocumented lackluster ROTC record and his father’s monetary donations to his alma maters.

    As I’ve been saying for 9 years, college delinquent G.W. Bush would get the U.S. embroiled in wars on multiple fronts like Napolean and set the country on a path to an Orwellian hell with global warming thrown in. However, I forgot that W was also a spendthrift neocon nazi, and would ruin Wall Street with Ayn Rand-style corporate elitism causing a global financial meltdown.

    Obama met with Bush and his wife socially yesterday at the White House (For the final time, at the Bushs’ insistence.) In a Texas exit poll last Tuesday 23% of the big oil state’s residents still insisted that Obama was a moslem terrorist. I know what I would have said to Bush if I were Obama. “Get your shiite outta my house!” [Note to GOP flaggers: ‘shiite’ in this context means a muslim extremist.]

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