Sarah Palin's GPA and College Record

Was Sarah Palin a success or a failure in college?  The Internet is positively abuzz with that question, but the answer is a mystery.

Sarah Palin attended six different colleges before she finally graduated with a degree in Communications/Journalism from the University of Idaho in 1987.  Sources say that as a kid, she was kind of a bookworm, but that at college she didn’t distinguish herself.  But really, that’s about all we know.

Palin really ought to just come out and tell us her GPA. Seriously, nobody seems to care that Joe Biden graduated 506 out of 688 from his class, or that McCain finished nearly dead last in his. I mean, how much worse could Palin’s record be? Americans seem to be more put off by evasiveness than they are by poor grades, so she may as well just release her transcripts.

Read more about Sarah Palin’s university background, along with the college records of Barack Obama, John McCain, and Joe Biden.

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20 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s GPA and College Record”

  1. trish gutchess says:

    Sara Palin is another example of people that should never run our government. With all the intelligent people in the USA, why do we want people who only want to trash talk everyone that does not agree with them, very scary…

  2. eyeguy says:

    I find the tone in the sara palin article very different from the tone in the Obama article on the same topic. Obama has released nothing and was trying to be (and now is) PRESIDENT……I graduated with a 3.86 from U of MN CBS and a 4.0 from my So Cal medical school….maybe that is the level of “grades” one needs to see the bias in what one is writing. Obiviously it was lacking in the authors of these two “edu bios”

  3. greg says:

    “Americans seem to be more put off by evasiveness than they are by poor grades, so she may as well just release her transcripts.”

    why don’t you have the same harsh judgement for Obama? your biASS is showing (again)

  4. Alvin Mcknight says:

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  5. dve says:

    Milliemiller, I can’t believe your so ignorant with your republican propaganda. And what the hell, Obama has only been president for a year and you criticise him for doing? Educated people deserve to have a higher power . And o yea what makes you think Palin won’t repeat those stupid errors in the future.

  6. Mike Licht says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Mrs. Palin actually attended 5 colleges. She attended one of them (the University of Idaho) twice.

  7. Mark says:

    I know of only one bird – the parrot – that talks; and it can’t fly very high.

  8. Millie Miller says:

    Jon, I can’t believe how ignorant you are! All of those arguments have been put to bed. How about getting your nose out from underneath the covers and realize that this nation is headed for disaster under Obama’s leadership! P.S. Are you still happy with YOUR vote?

  9. Lala says:

    shouldn’t she have a least 5 degrees

  10. Jeff says:

    Maybe this website should stop leaning so far to the right. You people just can’t keep yourselves from drooling all over Obama and his cronies.

  11. lsmith49 says:

    I have my original birth certificate from 1960. It wasn’t hard to find, right in my father’s file. And actually, you can obtain a “certified” copy from the county in which you were born, I have them for both my kids when they were applying for their driver’s licenses. This shouldn’t be a mystery. If he says he was born in Hawaii, then a certified copy should be easy to obtain.

  12. kaya says:

    The 2001 date would refer to the year the document was produced. I’m quite sure he’s produced a certified copy… it’s somewhere on the internet to be seen (try
    If you expect him to still have the original certificate from the 60s, you’re being ridiculous. New copies are required to be filed for documents like passports, so people hang on to the most recent versions. They’re just as valid (actually more) than the “originals” (which are in reality, copies).

  13. Tony says:

    Ha ha what a croc… you demand that Palin “just come out and tell us her GPA” but not Obama. Biased much? *Site loses all credibility*

  14. Martin Somers says:

    Obama hasn’t released a photocopy of his original birth certificate. The document on his website is not a birth certificate from 1961; the document on his “stop the smears” website clearly lists a date in 2001 (look on the lower left). Ergo, it is not a copy, certified or otherwise, of an original birth certificate from 1961. Like the one you or me have to produce for all manner of day to day things, like obtaining a federal job, getting a security clearance, etc.

    It’s the Emperor Has No Clothes times, with people stridently insisting he has produced it when the document he has produced is so obviously not from 1961, but rather something from 2001 that lists 1961 (and Hawaii) as some of the particulars of Obama’s birth. Weird.

  15. jjmck says:

    Sarah Heath Palin’s Sat scores and GPA were also, at the bottom scoring a 2.2.

  16. jon says:

    LMD you sound almost as intelligent as Sarah herself, you should be proud.

    Personally, I can’t believe there are people in this country like you that want Palin in the second highest ranking position of this country. Most people with half a brain (you failed that test) don’t want anyone in a position of power, who’s intellectual prowess is demonstrated by her use of “gosh, darn it, betcha or maverick” in every other sentence. Her responses to questions on her foreign policy experience, “i can see russia from alaska” would be laughable, if it weren’t so scary as this is someone who if elected with McCain, would end up being a heart beat away from the most important job on the planet. Gosh!

    People want a hockey mom? Really? (esp. a hockey mom decked out in $150k wardrobe?) Are you telling me that you want an uneducated, undiverse, uncultured, hick? She has abused her power multiple times by trying to have her brother in law fired, tried to ban books, have creationism taught in the public schools, curtailed spending on sex education for kids in the public schools (betcha she regrets that one now!), has charged her state for travel expenses for her family, altered expense reports and in general uses the state of Alaska as her personal checking account.

    Maybe she needs to stay home and watch her kids so they don’t get into anymore trouble. In the meantime, i suggest you visit the below website, so you can get a better view of how scary a Palin presidency would really be.

  17. Alan says:


    Obama graduated from harvard cum laude – TOP 1% of his class. REMARKABLE!
    McCain graduated 5th FROM THE BOTTOM with in a class of over 800.
    BTW, Obama has released his birth certificate. As for his baptism certificate – you’re kidding, right?

  18. DB says:

    Is there really any mystery why Obama got into Harvard?

    Maybe you should take a course in communications/journalism from the University of Idaho then you might be able to figure it out.

    Your opening para for Palin: Was Sarah Palin a success or a failure in college? The Internet is positively abuzz with that question, but the answer is a mystery.

    Opening para for Obama: So how did Barack Obama fare in college?

    Since he won’t release his selective service registration, a copy of his ORIGINAL birth certificate, or his record of Baptism, then maybe he should simply release a copy of his Harvard record that he is so proud of so we can get a better appreciation with some validity.

  19. LMD says:

    Who Cares about the GPA. What matters is She was a successful Mayor, a successful and popular Governor of a State.

    I really don’t care that Joe Biden thinks the word “JOBS” has three letters, or that Roosevelt was in office and addressing the nation on TV during the 1929 market crash, Even though Hoover was in office, and the TV wasn’t introduce until 10 years later. Or that he plagiarized a British author for a speech, and did all these things while in office.

    What matters is his record damn it.

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