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Top 20 Songs of 2009

girl listening to musicMusic is an essential part of our youth culture. When your favorite band releases a new single, you have to head over to iTunes and download it asap.

Music gives you something to talk about with new people at parties, or if talking isn’t a priority at the moment due to amount of alcohol you just consumed, it gives you another way to express yourself on the dance floor. I know that I spent a large amount of my paychecks this year on concert tickets and new CDs.

Music defines us. It can influence our moods, help us relax, and turn a bad day into a good day in three minutes flat. Certain songs can bring up memories we hadn’t thought of in years.

This past year had many wonderful songs released by some of the most popular artists. iTunes recently released their list of most popular songs for 2009, based off downloads. There are several repeat offenders on the list, but they really were some of the most popular artists this year.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Students

new years 2010When I was a little kid, it was really easy to think of a New Year’s resolution. I’d always convince myself it would be really easy to not drink soda or be nice to my siblings or to not talk back to my parents. I’d really stick to my resolution for a week or two, but then I’d usually fall back into my old habits.

Now that I’m older, I can typically follow through on my resolutions for at least a month or two. My goal this year is to keep my resolution for the entire year. But since I am aiming to keep it for 365 days, my resolution has to be something good.

Here are a few of my ideas for high school and college-appropriate resolutions:

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Coca-Cola Promotes Education Through Local Community Programs

coca cola scholars foundationI probably drink at least three cans of soda every day, and I try to make at least one of them a Coca-Cola. Why? Well, since I am an advertising major, it could be because they always have those cute polar bear commercials around the holidays. But that’s not my motivation. I drink Coke because a percentage of every Coca-Cola purchase in the past 21 years goes towards helping education programs in local communities.

The Coca-Cola Scholars program helps over 1,400 college students every year and awards more than $3,000,000 every year in scholarships. High school seniors can apply for a four-year scholarship to the school of their choice; there are 250 scholarships awarded annually. Applications are accepted between August 1 and October 31 every year. Semi-finalists are selected in November, and finalists are selected in April. Of the 250 scholars who are selected to receive awards, 50 are designated National Scholars and receive $20,000 to offset college expenses; the other 200 scholars receive $10,000.

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Getting Ready for the 2010 FAFSA

fafsa logoAnother spring semester is about to start. We are half-way through the school year, which means we are half-way to summer break. It also means that it is almost time to start filling out those FAFSA forms for next year.

What is the FAFSA? The FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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Tips for Driving on Winter Roads

winter drivingThe winter solstice officially started on December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere. If you live in the northern half of the world, that means winter is here. And this past holiday weather that took much of the country by storm is a subtle reminder of just how powerful Jack Frost can be this time of year.

Winter is a time for building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate, bundling up in big puffy jackets, and unfortunately, driving on icy roads. Driving conditions can become quite hazardous during the winter, when black ice and snow drifts plague city streets and highways.

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Volunteer to Improve Your Community

salvation armyThe holiday season is a great time to help make a difference in your community. More people volunteer during this time of the year than during any other time. So why not jump on that bandwagon?

There are many ways you can improve the lives of members of your community. And of course, if you like volunteering during the holiday season, some of these nice practices can be continued throughout the year.

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Avoid Boredom Over Break

bored friendsGoing home for the holidays is wonderful. You’ve just finished finals, and all you have to do is spend time with family, eat loads of food, and catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing out on while you were at college.

But truthfully, being home for break can be a bit boring. You can only watch the same movies with your little nephew or hit the mall so many times before you the sales ladies start to know you on a first name basis. 

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Set of Quadruplets Accepted to Yale University

yale universityRay Crouch applied for early admission to Yale University. One day in mid-December, he learned he had been accepted to the Class of 2014 when he logged on to the school’s website. Ray’s twin brother, Kenny, had also applied for early admission, and he was also accepted the same day. Imagine the boys’ parents’ surprise when their sister, Carol, was also accepted to Yale.

Ray, Kenny, and Carol are three-quarters of a set of quadruplets who all applied to Yale. The last quadruplet, Martina, was nervous she wouldn’t be accepted, but upon checking, she learned she had also been accepted. This is the first time that anyone can remember a set of quadruplets was accepted to Yale University.

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Committee Investigates Gender Bias in Maryland Schools

gender symbolsSeveral colleges and universities in Maryland are facing allegations that they are discriminating college applicants based on gender.

The Commission on Civil Rights required six colleges in Maryland to show their admission records to the committee. This is part of an investigation of more than 20 schools across the nation to determine if these schools are admitting more men than women and giving men more generous aid packages.

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Humanities Majors Face Dismal Job Outlook

booksAccording to a recent article by The New York Times, students who are majoring in the humanities such as language arts and literature, are facing one of the toughest job markets in recent decades.

The Modern Language Association (MLA) reports that faculty positions will decline 37 percent, the biggest drop since the group began tracking its job listings 35 years ago. The MLA is the largest group of language and literature scholars and professors in the world.

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