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I know, you are all probably thinking, how many visits is she going to go on?! I hope to say this was my final visit. Of course, each of my visits have been so unique I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to travel and visit so many schools! This visit to University of Tulsa, was much different from any of my visits so far!

University of Tulsa is a private university with an undergrad population of about 3,000 students.

The University of Tulsa is a private university with an undergrad population of about 3,000 students.

My best friend and I went to Tulsa Sunday February 15- Monday February 16 to attend what they call Tulsa Time. Tulsa Time was two days filled with a variety of sessions, class experience opportunities and almost anything else you can think of. We toured the sororities, sat in on an Anatomy and Physiology class, and learned about the Pre-Med program. What made this visit so much different from the other visits was that we got to spend the night on campus with an actual TU student!

We got matched with our host before dinner and went to the dorms. We then had dinner with the parents and hosts and after that the parents left, leaving us with just our hosts! During this time we were allowed to do whatever we wanted with our hosts on campus. We met another student who was hosting a few students and had some great discussions not only about Tulsa, but just college in general. We even asked about things you will need in a dorm, but might overlook. Things such as scissors and a bathrobe. So being with a student over night really gave you a good feel of what the campus was like and what the dorms are like and other things you wouldn’t normally experience when just touring and interviewing.

So if you ever get the chance, I would advise doing an overnight college visit! It can really give you a good idea of whether or not the college is right for you!

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