We Need To Get Past The Color

barack obamaI find it sad that almost anywhere I go I still hear people talking about how Obama won’t be a good president simply because he is black, or also because his middle name has Middle Eastern origins. These are not things that a President should be judged upon.

So far, Obama has been off to a great start and I’m sure he hears the same comments I hear. I hope that he just looks past the comments and strives to prove those people wrong in a positive way, by doing the best he can with the country considering the current state of affairs. Obama wasn’t exactly left with a country going through its glory days. Rather, he ended up with a country in a war that doesn’t even seem like a war anymore and its economy in shambles and slowly becoming worse with each passing day. Immediately Obama began to make changes.

Whether or not these changes will benefit the country, we will have to wait and see, but looking at Obama and how he drove straight into his responsibilities, I think, says a lot about his character and how good of a job he will do being president. Everyone makes mistakes, but until these mistakes are made, there is no reason to criticize simply because of a middle name or the color of his skin.

So if you ever catch yourself saying these things or hear them, try to remember the position Obama has been placed in and wait until we can see how things will change.

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