Avoid the Freshman 15 with The Healthy College Cookbook

Books, midnight study sessions, beer and a few extra pounds – that is the reality that millions of college students all around the country are faced with, whether they live in the dorms or in an apartment. But gaining that inevitable Freshman 15 does not have to be so, well, inevitable.healthy-college-cookbook

The Healthy College Cookbook is the gold-standard when it comes to helping students keep their weight in check as they pour over books, exams, and the occasional draft pitcher. The cookbook hit the stands about 10 years ago and has become a classic among college-bound students who are eager to eat healthy and stay fit. Its latest edition features more than 300 recipes plus tons of new helpful hints for how to stay slim on campus.

The recipes are uniquely designed with the college student’s budget and busy schedule in mind. From vegetarian to vegan dishes and to those that can be prepared in a flash or in your dorm room, The Healthy College Cookbook is full of recipes and tips for yummy and nutritious eating. For instance, you can learn about how to banish cooking smells from your dorm room, how to swap out butter in recipes and which cooking essentials you need to stock your cupboard with.

The only thing that The Healthy College Cookbook lacks is an exercise plan. Just make sure that you hit the university gym most days of the week, walk or bike to class and follow the recipes and guidelines from this A+ cookbook.

Review by Heather Ashare

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