College Grads Facing Worst Job Market

hiring-statisticsA fresh batch of college grads are ready to leave campus next month, but they won’t find many ‘now hiring’ signs in office windows. In a survey from the NACE, employers are hiring 22 percent less graduates this Spring, news that won’t be comforting for those with fresh diplomas.

Students are nevertheless hitting the job trail, selling themselves as best they can, but more and more turning to their plans B, C or D. Some are saying this forces college grads to wake-up to reality and learn that there is no job entitlement just because you spent the past four years studying. Another striking statistic is that most grads will have three jobs in five years, so the voracious job hunting skills they develop now only stand to benefit them down the road.

The health care industry is actively hiring, as is the U.S. government with more than 45,000 open positions for historians, firefighters or even budget analysts. And while there are professional positions available, students have to fight harder for them than ever before. Still, others are taking refuge in retail jobs, or even planning a year off to ski.

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