What's a Good SAT Score?

Whats a good SAT score

Updated August 2018

The results are in and high school students everywhere are scrambling to know how they did on the SATs. They’re that first real step toward college and one of the more determining factors in where a student will go. According to the College Board data, a good SAT score is above 1060 points. A bad SAT score is below 910 points.

The new SAT scoring benchmark contains two different scores: Reading/Writing & Math. In 2018, the average scores for the sections were:

  • 530 – Math
  • 480 Reading/Writing

Scores accepted at the top liberal arts colleges are usually in the 700s. At Harvard University, those scores skim closer to 800 for both Reading/Writing & Math. At public universities, scores for each section of the SAT range from 540-740.

If you do plan on attending a public university, you might not need to even worry yourself with the SAT score. There are currently more than 800 schools that have eliminated SAT and ACT scores as criteria for admission, saying that a student’s high school record is a better indication of their qualifications. These include Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M, Wake Forest and George Mason. Even if you’ve already taken the exams, don’t fret, including your scores is optional.

Source: College Board

23 Responses to “What’s a Good SAT Score?”

  1. Atlanta LSAT Tutor says:

    As a top scorer on the SAT, I can attest to the ridiculous scores necessary for admission to the top liberal arts schools. I have tutored both the LSAT and SAT for years, and the criteria for admission is insane.

    In addition to the super scores necessary for Harvard, they really value diversity in their class; be as well rounded as possible during high school to increase your competitiveness.

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  3. Caroline Pandolfini says:

    I am American but currently a graduate student at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. I gave SAT after my high school and got admitted to the University of Texas, Austin. My younger sister is giving her SAT next year. I do accept that vocabs are the most critical and painful thing in any standardized test. Also, check out these amazing online flash cards (http://www.funnelbrain.com/c-16373-despot.html) related to vocabulary and SAT and other standardized tests. You would definitely find them useful.

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