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Watching the Biggest Loser Finale, it makes me think about the “freshman 15” and the idea that many students go away to college and begin to make a number of unhealthy decisions. Of course, there are a number of easy and simple ways to avoid the freshman 15.

1. Walk or bike instead of driving- if you are going to class and have the option of either driving or walking, chose to walk. This is a no brainier and you may be surprised how walking cannot only be a healthier choice but a much more enjoyable choice.

2. Make healthy decisions – if you have the choice between a burger and fries or a salad, go with the salad. If you don’t like salad, get a sandwich with Turkey provolone and vegetables. Making good decisions with food can make a big difference in weight. Starting with healthy recipes goes a long way!

3. Visit the gym – most schools have a fitness center, take advantage of it! If your school does not have a fitness center, either see if there is a gym in town or bike or run at least three or four times a week. A short walk around campus or a bike trip around a neighborhood can not only help your weight but also a variety of other things.

While these are only a few suggestions to a healthier life, there a number of other ways that will help keep you healthy. If you are healthier, you will be happier, have more energy, and be able to do so much more. And by being active, you will easily keep the freshman 15 off.

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