More Education Equals Healthier Lives

Just in case you aren’t motivated to pursue a higher education in order to get a better job, make more money, and have some fun in college, a new study by the Commission to Build a Healthier America might be your motivation. The study proved that people who have a higher level of education report being healthier than those who do not.

The study surveyed adults across the nation. The findings included that high school graduates are 2.5 times more likely to report feeling healthy than those who have not graduated high school. This is extremely evident in states like Mississippi, where 75 percent of adults who have not graduated high school report feeling unhealthy, as opposed to only 37 percent of those with a high school degree.

“What this report tells us is that education has a tremendous impact on how long and how well we live,” said Alice Rivlin, co-chair of the commission. “Policymakers need to focus on schools and education as well as promoting healthier homes, communities, and workplaces to improve the health of our nation.”

If you want to see information about your state, you can visit the commission’s website.

A higher education will give you many things in life. You will know more about the world and your surroundings, gain a greater understanding of why things are the way they are, and hopefully prepare yourself to make the big bucks after college.


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