4 Things to Not Bring to the Dorms

Avoid bringing the wrong items to your dorm room!

There are many lists telling you what to bring to college: towels, extra pencils, a soft blanket, pictures of family, etc. So what if you follow those guidelines perfectly, but you also add in a little of your own “creative flair” and show up to the dorms with some items you probably should have left at home? Never fear! Here’s my *Official* Things to NOT Bring to College Guide, compiled from the advice of leading experts in the field (You know, students who have lived in dorms!).

1. Yearbooks/Diaries/Keepsakes

“College, like the mid-90s for Madonna, is a time for reinvention. For most people, it means a completely clean slate: no high school drama, none of the old cliques or problems, and the chance to be the person you always knew you could be,” says DormDelicious.com. Don’t bring high school with you if you want to stand any chance of fully embracing the college experience.

2. Food

I know a lot of people think dorm food must be nasty. But honestly, if it were completely disgusting, why do so many people gain the freshman 15? It must taste at least halfway yummy. They have food at college; you don’t need to bring your own.

3. Pets

Fluffy might be the smartest, sweetest, coolest dog ever, but if your roommate is allergic to him, it won’t matter how awesome he is. Also, most colleges don’t allow pets in the dorms. You’re paying tuition; Fluffy isn’t. Leave the dog at home.

4. Expensive jewelry/collectibles/heirlooms

Sure, your 20 carrat diamond pendant is gorgeous, but just think how terrible you would feel if it goes lost or stolen. It might be best to just leave any really valuable items at home.

Well, the experts have spoken. Good luck packing, and in some cases, unpacking!

Via DormDelicious

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