Tips for Rushing a Fraternity

Sure, these guys have their fair share of fun, but it’s the reward after much hard work in the classroom and through philanthropic efforts. While there are many organizations worthy of your time and energy during college, some might argue that one of the most worthwhile could be your participation in a fraternity.frat brothers

Whether you’re new to the Greek System or joining as a legacy, you won’t want to take your decision to rush, or pledge for that matter, lightly. This guide provides tips for getting through rush from fraternity alumni, and can help you to determine if a house is a good fit and even how to scrutinize the houses as deeply as they are you.

Tips for Applications

1. Prepare for college, by being involved in high school.

2. Secure letters of recommendation, especially from Greek alumni.

3. Manage your online image.

Tips for Fraternity Recruitment (Rush Week)

1. Don’t be seduced by fraternity life immediately. Thoroughly think through whether or not this is the place for you. Ask yourself what you’ll get out of this experience.

2. Identify each fraternity’s purpose and determine how that will align with your own values and goals.

3. Don’t look for the house that can guzzle the most beer and score the most dates. Consider GPA, graduation rate and job placement.

4. Find out how many potential brothers share your major.

5. Don’t pledge. It’s OK not to sign that line. If nothing fits, then pass.

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