Westwood College - Road Kill Detective

When you were a kid, did you dream of being a road kill detective? You know, the guy who takes care of the roadside tragedies that take the lives of so many woodland creatures. We don’t think this guy did either. While you have to hand it to him for doing his job with a positive attitude, you can’t help but think he’s yearning for something more.

westwood college road kill detectiveIn a new ad campaign from Westwood College, they depict the lives of people who wandered into accidental careers who, maybe like you, are ready for a change.

Westwood College is ideal for any student interested in pursing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree outside the confines of a traditional four-year university. Westwood College offers accelerated career-based degree programs from a campus-based facility, through online courses, or a combination of the two.

Learn more about the campaign at Westwood Help or get more information about Westwood College.

This post is a paid advertisement by Westwood College.

12 Responses to “Westwood College – Road Kill Detective”

  1. Rhonda says:

    I was with Westwood College (online) as well. The first 2009-2010 Financial Aid Award Notice was sent to me on 07/01/2009 and stated that I had a total of $14,850 in grants and stafford loans. The total cost of books at tuition was stated as $14,856. I was so happy. I started school on 08/05/2009 and on 08/31/2009 (I had already been in school for 29 days) I had another Financial Aid Award Notice that instead had the pell grant removed. I then had the Financial people calling me and making threats that if I did not sign an Apex Loan that my classes would start and that I would still have to pay back this money. I was told to grow up and sign the papers, and the lady was yelling at me. I’m leaving her name out but I have documentation of most of the people I spoke with there. Hers in particular.

    I kept asking why they put me in a position of having my back up against a wall. They insisted it was unintentional but that I still had to sign. I took the loan and stayed in for a year. I was unemployed and was afraid of the amount I owed being sent to collection. I figured I’d find work, quit, and be able to afford all the loans that I owed up to that point. I just figured that at the point that I could manage to start making payments (the apex had a higher interest rate once you are no longer attending) so I was trying to keep everything at bay. The plan was then to turn around and try to go to a local community college that offered online courses.

    I am still unemployed (my area has 14% unemployment and employers here are refusing to hire people who were caught up in the economic downfall) and now they are coming to collect. Apex offered to extend me one more time but then just sent my loan to a collection agent who just called me this week.

    Someone called me from Westwood to try to get me to come back to school. I was on the dean’s list and had good grades despite it all. I just had to drop out because I was not finding a job to help me make a switch anyways… And I did not want the loan to go higher… and I was getting ready to lose my unemployment… As a reesult, I would be unable to pay the $150 a month…. Which was supposed to go to $25 but never did. The person at Westwood told me that Westwood was aware of this lending practice and those people have been fired and that they are no longer doing this. However when I mentioned the girl who pushed the loan down my throat the guy became silent and switched gears… It was a clear indication to me that she still works there.

    I was definitely taken advantage of. I had some good teachers but most barely bothered to communicate. I had to be proactive to fully teach myself. Which was fine. I am great at learning new things on my own… However, had I known before starting school that I would have to take this private loan then I would not have started school.

    I told the admissions person that I did not want to take a private loan but that I would start school if I qualified for enough stafford and grants. So I definitely got tricked and fully cheated.

  2. Eric says:

    I am a current student with Westwood College Online. It’s interesting to hear and see some of the negative and positive remarks made regarding the school. I can tell you for a fact that it isn’t nearly as bad as everyone makes it…and it’s not as good as some say either. Westwood College is designed to assist student who, in many cases, would not make it into college otherwise. Is Westwood similar to a Harvard??? Of course not…but Westwood is not this “evil” school either. Westwood is just like many of the online, for profit school that exist today (University of Phoenix) for example. Yes, Westwood is in business to make money…no denying that…but you can also get a quality degree from this school. I am graduating next term…and in my time while in School I have gone from making 40K a year to 80K a year. Some of this is simply due to hardwork on my behalf…but also, the fact that I am earning my degree has greatly assisted that as well. As it is with ANYTHING, always do your research in order to determine if the school is the right school for you. Best of luck to everyone. Take care!


  3. Synda Sanchez says:

    I have been a part-time employee for 13 months. This is the most hostile work environment I have worked in. I am still here until I am blessed with another job opportunity. I have seen the campus president terrorize staff and faculty on a daily basis. He yells, insults, belittles, lies, and harasses. No one leaves the campus on good standing because the campus president does not stand for it.

    This is not new to Westwood because several employees have reported campus president’s actions and practices to the central office. There are more victims of this campus president…they just left and moved on with their lives, with battle scars and all.

    About the students: The campus president has prevented the faculty from doing their job as teachers out of fear that students will leave if they are challenged or have to work up to real college standards. Many teachers have been fired because students have complained to the campus president that they are too hard or give too much work. Isn’t that what a real college is suppose to do?

    I used to place students in jobs but the employers stopped coming to us because they said that the students can not do the work they have been hired to do. What a sad reality.

  4. Steve Wiideman says:

    I’m sorry many of you have had a poor experience. I, and several of my alumni have not shared any of the same issues you have spoken about. However, it does seem as though our comments are not being posted in response to comments like yours, which is sad really because there are two sides to every story.

    Here’s mine (a work in progress): http://www.westwoodisawesome.com.

    Note that I am still the top-ranked SEO Expert and SEM Expert in Google today (search for either term) thanks to the perseverance and knowledge of E-Business Management I learned from Westwood College in Anaheim, California.

    Dr. Danny Weil, feel free to contact me as well if you really want your article to be unbiased. I’d be happy to share my success stories, though I doubt I’ll hear from you considering “truth doesn’t sell papers”.

    Steve Wiideman

  5. joejoe says:

    You probably make more money picking up road kill then you would with a degree from Wacky Westwood College.

  6. Danny Weil says:

    Darius I am doing an article on this for Counterpunch.com. You can google me. My name is Danny Weil. Can you help me with the article?

    Thank you

    Dr. Danny Weil

  7. Darius K says:

    As a former educator and someone who spent time at Westwood, I would suggest staying as far away from this school as possible. They lack the proper accreditation, and none of your credits will transfer to ANY decent school. Anyone that tells you differently is lying. The only thing you’ll get from Westwood is an astronomical bill, poor quality classes, and a worthless degree.

  8. Anna says:

    Don’t even ask for information on Westwood College! The admissions officers will harrass you by phone or email until you finally give in just to get them off your case! They would even instant message me when I didn’t answer the phone or emails!! Then they took out loans in my name, they promised me they were accredited and that I would get an actual degree from this school. All I got from this school was a $28,000 bill for only one year of classes! Then they made me take out an Apex loan as well so I have to pay the $150 a month plus the $28,000. This school is a fake! They should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people like this!

  9. Trying to Reach for Higher Education but money is holding me back says:

    I started Westwood back in May 2007. I enrolled first into Fashion Merchandising but before the second term started, I switched to the Web Design program. Ideally I would be finishing school up by now and prepare myself to receive what I thought would be the most valuable paper in my hand to help me start off in my dream career, but due to financial hardship after my second term, Westwood made me feel like I was nothing because I could not fork over the ridiculous amount of money (20K) they wanted me to pay up front. I have an outstanding balance with their Apex loan of about $8000 that they wrote off to Williams and Fudge debt collecting agency, which I am still in the process of repaying since June 2008. Please think and research before you think of applying to this school. The admission advisors there are pretty good at pursuading you to get sucked in. They “hold” your hand and walk you through the admission and enrollment process and once you get in, you’re pretty much on your own from there. So please beware!

  10. Not Happy WIth Education Rec'd says:

    BS. That’s how I feel about the education I received at this so called college. In the 3 years that I attended this institution I can only count three teachers making a difference. There were several teachers that had no clue on what they were doing. Adjunct teachers? They are hired as part timers because the school (who charges the students up to 75 thousand dollars for a the poor excuse of an education) won’t hire them as full time teachers and pay them accordingly. That is why I had several teachers not know what they were teaching. They cannot hire qualified teachers. Job placement promises are also sham. I have several classmates still struggling in finding jobs! Some of them have even went back to their old fast food jobs! is that fair? No! If you do your research you’ll find that Westwood has been sued for some of these claims I present you. If you are considering Westwood college you must do your research. They are not accredited so your credits won’t count at a real university. Don’t waste your time and money here. Go to a real university, you wont regret that.

  11. Brandi says:

    Hi Jillian-

    Yes, these Westwood video posts are paid placement. I’ve updated to make a note of this in the post. We accepted the placement because the message reflects the content that we share with our readers. Creatively, they’re pretty entertaining. You can also read our unbiased review of Westwood College in the link provided above.

  12. Jillian says:

    I’ve heard that some websites are being paid by Westwood to post these commercials and say good things about the school. Did they pay you to post this?

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