$10,000 Grant Opportunity from Brita's Filter For Good EcoChallenge

filter for good ecochallengeSo you chose a college based on a variety of standards you had in mind for yourself – maybe it was teacher/student ratio, athletic programs, graduate assistance, tuition costs, distance from home, or others. Now that you’re on campus you’re faced with two problems: Paying tuition and having a greener college.

If you need some extra cash and scoff at your roommate printing emails, water bottles abandoned on table tops and not enough commuter support, then the Filter For Good EcoChallenge from Brita was created just for you. Here is how you can be one of five green-conscious students to earn this $10,000 grant:

  • Brita is challenging you to brainstorm a brilliant program to help your campus go green and become more sustainable
  • Proposals should be action-based or able to create tangible results that yield a more sustainable campus environment
  • Submissions evaluated on creativity, environmental benefit, educational impact, and best use of time and budget
  • Applications accepted from individual students or student groups/organizations
  • Applications due October 30, 2009; announcements made January 2010

Learn more and apply now for the Filter For Good EcoChallenge!

brita pitcher and bottleBrita is a leader in water filtration systems, providing pitcher and faucet-mount water filtration. These products significantly reduce the need for bottled water, which leads to landfill waste, especially when paired with a reusable water bottle. They’re also sized just right for a dorm room or campus apartment!

Win a Pitcher and Bottle!

We want to hear your green campus ideas, too! Include them here as a comment and five people will be drawn to receive a Brita pitcher and Filter for Good Nalgene bottle. You can keep one in the fridge, and one in your backpack! (Submit comment for eligibility by September 10, 2009.)

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