Common College Roommate Conflicts Resolved

Being a college roommate is not easy. If housing services “matches” you with someone you’re far from compatible with, you’re going to have to make the most of it. While you’ll likely find ways to be amicable and keep the peace while you’re in the room, conflicts are sure to roommate confrontation

You’re not at home and you can’t run to tell your parents. They can’t fix it. This is one of those times you’ll have to resolve the problem on your own. And hopefully your roommate is responsive to your polite and friendly suggestions for living peacefully under one concrete ceiling.

Here we take a look at a few common points of tension, and the best ways to fix them.

Neat Freak vs. Pack Rat

Everyone’s definition of clean will vary. You need to work together early in the relationship to define what that will look like in your room.

Taking vs. Borrowing

Some people don’t mind if you secretly use their hair appliances or eat their potato chips. Others think you should get approval in writing first. Define those boundaries with one another.

Early Bird vs. Night Owl

One of you has an 8 a.m. chemistry lab, the other stumbles home at dawn. Be respectful of one another’s schedules and find out what will work best for each of you.

Party Animal vs. Book Worm

You’re cramming for midterms while he’s cramming more people in the room to play Xbox Live. Determine a max capacity and define study hours vs. social time.

Read on to learn more about how to resolve common roommate conflicts.

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