Common Dorm Space Mistakes that are Avoidable

As you start packing, shopping and preparing to move to the dorms in the next few weeks, remember the size of your room.

college moving dayThe average dorm room is about 12′ x 9′ for a total of 108 square feet. This is shared with a roommate, desks, beds, and likely a counter top or chest of drawers. Split in half, you can call 54 square feet of that space your very own home sweet home. For reference, the average jail cell is about 96 square feet.

Living in the dorms, in what feels like cramped space, for 75 percent of a year can give you a chance to stretch your creative decorating and organizational muscles. And regardless of how much space you do or don’t have, it’s an experience worth having.

Make the most of that dorm room space by avoiding these five common mistakes:

Leaving furniture as is. Feel free to re-design the space with your roommate to find an arrangement that suits you best.

Not using vertical space. Hang beds loft-style from the ceiling or get shelving up the walls, but don’t overlook this free real estate.

Overlooking under-the-bed space. Use risers, tubs, or baskets, and be sure to store out-of-season clothes, sports equipment or luggage in this valuable space.

Learn more about how to move in to the dorm and save space.

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