The Pre-Move College Freshman Check List

college freshman movingAre you a college freshman headed to campus this fall? The most important thing to know is to not feel overwhelmed. While there is a lot to take care of, it will all come together in time to move to the dorms if you prepare during the summer.

Here we’ve compiled a list of things you won’t want to overlook:

  • Get your computer in order – make sure it has the right software, meets campus IT guidelines, and has been cleaned-up, backed-up and upgraded if necessary.
  • Meet your roommate – meet in person if possible, or find them on Facebook, shoot an email or go old school and call them.
  • Go shopping – shop discount stores for dorm room essentials.
  • Secure your class schedule – whether you go to campus or do it online, don’t procrastinate with this one or you’ll be shuffling to class at 8 a.m.
  • Plan your finances – get your budget in order for tuition, meals, car insurance and other necessities. Determine if you’ll need a job or not.
  • Say goodbyes – make plenty of time for friends and family.

Read on to get more advice for how a college freshman should prepare to move to campus.

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  1. Sam says:

    I also had a move-in recently, but instead of hand truck I used this product called the Strap-a-handle – a cool carrying strap with a handle. It was perfect for boxes of shoes and clothes, and I easily got up and down stairs and hallways. Highly recommended, esp. for walkups!

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