Co-Ed Colleges with the Most Males

male college studentsFirst, we investigated the schools with the most unbalanced number of females to males and now we’re flip-flopping. Generally speaking, the colleges with the most males tend to also be heavy military or technical schools, while those that attract more females tend to be well-respected liberal arts schools.

Here are the top five schools with the greatest number of male students:

1) United States Air Force Academy: With 82 percent of enrolled students male, this Colorado-based institution clearly has tons of testosterone running around campus.

2) California Maritime Academy: A public institution just outside of San Francisco, this school boasts an 82.5 percent male student body.

3) Berklee College of Music: This private and distinguished music school outside of Boston trains students to become professional musicians, 73 percent of which are male.

4) Cogswell Polytechnical College: This private technical institute located in Silicon Valley churns out engineers who blend art into technology. Eight-five percent of these skilled students are male.

5) Lawrence Technology University: Located just outside of Detroit, this private and specialized institution trains engineers, architects and designers, 77 percent of which are male.

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