Famous Fraternity Members

chuck norrisSome of the most well-known men from acting, music, politics and business walked the hollowed halls of campus fraternity houses. For some college men, it’s an ideal setting to be groomed and prepare for life on the other side of school, to create a network of contacts, create lifelong friendships, and find opportunities for career.

Here are several famous fraternity members and their houses.

Alpha Delta Gamma

  • Babe Ruth – Athlete
  • George Brett – Athlete
  • Chuck Norris – Actor

Alpha Delta Phi

  • Ben Stein – Actor

Alpha Epsilon Pi

  • Wolf Blitzer – Journalist
  • Jerry Lewis – Entertainer
  • Paul Simon – Musician
  • Mark Zuckerburg – Founder of Facebookmark zuckerburg

Alpha Gamma Rho

  • J.C. Penney – Founder of retail store of same name

Alpha Kappa Lambda

  • Chuck Woolery – Game Show Host

Alpha Phi Alpha

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – Activist
  • Keenan Ivory Wayans – Entertainer
  • Lionel Richie – Singer

Alpha Phi Delta

Alpha Phi Omega

  • bill clintonBill Clinton – Former President

Alpha Sigma Phi

  • Vincent Price – Actor
  • Warren Buffet – Entrepreneur

Beta Theta Pi

  • James Arness – Actor

Chi Phi

  • Walter Cronkite – Journalist

Chi Psi

  • Bill Belichick – NFL Coach

Delta Chi

  • Ashton Kutcher – Actor
  • Kevin Costner – Actor

Delta Kappa Epsilon

  • George H. W. Bush – Former President
  • George W. Bush – Former President
  • J.P. Morgan – Entrepreneur
  • Dick Clark – Entertainer

Delta Tau Delta

  • Drew Carey – Entertainer
  • Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey – Actor
  • Will Ferrell – Actor

Delta Upsilon

  • Tommy Hilfiger – Designer

Kappa Sigma

  • Edward R. Murrow – Journalist
  • Jimmy Buffett – Singer
  • Robert Redford – Actor
  • Ted Turner – Entrepreneur

Lambda Chi Alpha

  • Benjamin Bratt – Actor
  • Kenny Chesney – Singer
  • Will Forte – Actor

Pi Kappa Alpha

  • Colonel Sanders – Founder KFC
  • Bobby Bowden – College Football Coach
  • Tim McGraw – Singer
  • Jeremy Piven – Actor

Phi Gamma Delta

  • Jack Nicklaus – Professional Golfer
  • Donald Trump – Entrepreneur
  • Matthew Fox – Actor
  • Johnny Carson – Entertainer

Phi Kappa Tau

  • Paul Newman – Actor, Entrepreneur
  • Bob Hope, Entertainerbud wilkenson

Psi Upsilon

  • Bud Wilkenson – College Football Coach

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

  • David Spade – Actor
  • Fred Savage – Actor
  • Nick Lachey – Singer
  • Troy Aikman – Former Pro Football Player

Sigma Chi

  • Brad Pitt – Actor
  • Andy Rooney – Journalist
  • David Letterman – Entertainer
  • Mike Ditka – Former Pro Football Player
  • Tom Selleck – Actor
  • Warren Beatty – Actor
  • Matt Groening- Simpson’s Creator

Sigma Nu

  • Eli Manning – Pro Football Player
  • Paul Rudd – Actor

Sigma Phi Epsilon

  • Dave Thomas – Founder of Wendy’s
  • dr seussDr. Seuss – Author
  • James Naismith – Creator of Basketball

Tau Kappa Epsilon

  • Elvis Presley – Singer
  • Les Paul – Musician
  • Willie Nelson – Singer
  • Ronald Reagan – Former President

Know of someone not on our list? Please add them below!

37 Responses to “Famous Fraternity Members”

  1. Ben D. Morris says:

    Sigma Chi has at least it’s share of prominent alumni who have brought honor and credit to our Brotherhood. In addition to the fine Sig Brothers who have already been named on this page, I’d like to add:

    Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. (noted philanthropist)
    Drew Brees (quarterback of the New Orleans Saints)
    Urban Meyer (Ohio State head football coach; national championship winner)
    Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech head football coach)
    Bob McNair (owner of NFL’s Houston Texans)
    Adam Scott (winner of 27 PGA tournaments, including 2013 Masters)
    Luke Donald (professional golfer)
    Eric Close (best known for hos role in “Without a Trace”)
    Stephen Martines (played roles in “Burn Notice” and “The Vampire Diaries”)
    Tony Hale ( best known for his role on “Arrested Development”)
    Clarence Gilyard (best know for his role on “Walker, Texas Ranger”)
    C. Saxby Chambliss (current senior U.S. Senator from Georgia)
    Lamar Alexander (current U.S. Senator and former Governor of Tennessee)
    H. Jackson Brown, Jr. (author of “Life’s Little Instruction Book”)
    Stephen J. Cannell (TV writer and producer, “Magnum, P.I.” and “The A Team”)
    Steny Hoyer (current U.S. House of Representatives Majority Whip)
    Todd A. Fonseca (author of “The Time Cavern”)
    Will Clarke (author of “The Worthy Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles”)
    Evan Farmer (host of “While You Were Out”)
    Bret Baier (Fox News host and panelist)
    Greg Gutfeld (Fox News host and panelist)
    Clayton Morris (Fox News host and panelist)
    Ben Savage (best known for his role in “Boy Meets World”)
    Kenneth “Bud” Adams (long-time owner of the Oilers/Titans)
    Sean Payton (head coach of the New Orleans Saints)
    Mike Holmgren (long-time NFL head coach and team president)
    Jim Caviezel (played title role in ” The Passion of the Christ”)
    Brian Dennehy (stage and movie actor)
    Clancy Brown (played the evil prison guard in “The Shawshank Redemption”)
    Rip Torn (stage and movie actor; appeared in “Men in Black” movies)
    Milton Caniff (author of “Steve Canyon” and “Terry and the Pirates”)
    Mike Peters (author of “Mother Goose and Grimm”)
    Dr. Bill deVries (who performed the first successful artificial heart surgery)
    Gordon Gould (one of the primary inventors of LASER)
    Booth Tarkington (author of “The Magnificent Ambersons”)
    Ted McGinley (played roles in ” Happy Days” and “Married … With Children”)
    Hugh O’Brien (Faro dealer in “The Shootist” played many other western roles)
    Regis Toomey (long-time movie actor, “The Big Sleep”
    Billy Packer (CBS network sportscaster)
    Bob Trumpy (NFL player and NFL game announcer)
    Merlin Olsen (NFL player and NFL game announcer; played “Father Murphy”)
    Bob Griese (NFL quarterback and NCAA football game announcer)
    Hank Stram (coach of 1971 Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs)
    Chuck Howley (the only player on the losing team ever voted Super Bowl MVP)
    Woody Hayes (long-time Ohio State head football coach)
    Johnny Majors (long-time NCAA head football coach)
    Fred Akers (long-time NCAA head football coach)
    Bill Buckner (MLB player, Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox)
    Bobby Valentine (MLB player, manager and game announcer)
    Del Unser (MLB player, Philadelphia Phillies)
    Tom Seaver (MLB player, New York Mets and Cincinatti Reds)
    Jim Palmer (Hall of Fame pitcher and MLB game announcer)
    Brad Brownell (head men’s basketball coach, Clemson University)
    Jay Wright (head men’s basketball coach, Villanova University)
    Eddie Sutton (long-time NCAA men’s basketball coach)
    Stan Albeck (long-time NBA coach)
    David Canary (best known for his roles on “Bonanza” and “All My Children”)
    William Christopher (best known for playing Father Mulcahy on “MASH”)
    Buster Crabbe (Olympic swimmer; played “Tarzan” and “Flash Gordon”)
    Woody Harrelson (movie and TV actor, “Cheers” his best known TV show)
    Peter Lupus (best known for his role in TV series “Mission Impossible”)
    Jay Stewart (long-time announcer on Monty Hall’s “Let’s Make a Deal”)
    Don Wilson (Jack Benny’s long-time TV announcer)
    J. Willard Marriott (President, Marriott International)
    Morris (“Mo”) Udall (1976 U.S. Presidential candidate)
    Barry Goldwater (long-time U.S. Senator and 1964 Presidential candidate)
    J. William Fulbright (long-time U.S. Senator for whom a scholarship is named)
    Jake Garn (long-time U.S. Senator and Space Shuttle “guest” astronaut”)
    Ike Skelton (long-time Member of U.S. Congress)
    Henry Hyde (long-time Member of U.S. Congress)
    Grover Cleveland (two-time U.S. President and last “honorary” Sigma Chi)
    Jim Brady (White House Press Secretary during Reagan administration)
    Ron Ziegler (White House Press Secretary during Nixon administration)
    John W Young (Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle Astronaut)
    William C. Powers (current President of the University of Texas at Austin)
    Mark E. Keenum (current President of Mississippi State University)
    Norris Goff (old-time radio, one of the title voices in “Lum and Abner”)
    Charlie Hauck (old-time radio, one of the title voices in “Lum and Abner”)
    F. Dudleigh Vernor (one of the composers of “The Seetheart of Sigma Chi”)
    J. Byron Stokes (one of the composers of “The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi”)

    … and a number of others which have been omitted here …

  2. Peter Wright says:

    Sigma Chi: Drew Brees

  3. Bill Fort says:

    Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni:
    Truett Cathy- founder of Chick-Fil-A;
    J. Strom Thurmond-Former US Senator, South Carolina
    Jimbo Fisher, Head Coach, Florida State University

  4. Dylan says:

    Alpha Sigma Phi
    Ted Cassidy: Actor, played Lurch on The Addams Family
    Billie “White Shoes” Johnson: American football player, College Football Hall of Fame inductee
    John Kasich: Governer of Ohio
    C. Everett Koop: Former United States Surgeon General
    Robert Loggia: Actor “R as in Robert Loggia. O, as in Oh my God, that’s Robert Loggia…”
    Press Maravich: College basketball coach, Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, father of “Pistol” Pete Maravich
    Jon Mittelhauser: Co-founder of Netscape, founding father of the web browser
    Willard Scott: Weatherman on the Today Show

  5. mjs9019 says:

    Pi Lambda Phi
    -Kevin James
    -Mark Cuban
    -Sebastian Janikowski
    -Norm Abram
    -Lewis Black
    -Bud Selig

  6. Alpha Delta Pi says:

    SIGMA CHI: Luke Bryan-singer/song writer

  7. Cody says:

    Tau Kappa Epsilon – Ron Jeremy – adult actor

  8. London Smith says:

    Other famous Delts

  9. Francisco Esteves says:

    As a not famous Theta Chi yet (working on it) I must admit and be impartial, that if “nick” who posted on feb 7 info on DKE is all true, then DKE is the most soccesfull ( I do know that 5 presidents are DKE’s). Congratulations to all DKE brothers on youre fraternities success. To Josh Goody, you should check on President Truman, I do belive he is a LXA.

  10. josh goodey says:

    Kappa Sigma: Pres.Harry Truman, Bob Dole, Jerry Jones,

  11. Francisco Esteves says:

    folks dont forget, Theta Chi is the men!

    Steven Speilberg- movie producer.
    Lee Iacoca- Chrysler chaiman.
    Morton Downey JR.- talk show host.
    Harry Reasoner- “CBS 60 minutes”
    Al Saunders – NFL coach
    Gen. Shalliskavilli- Chairman joint chief of staff
    Lefty Gomez- HOF pitcher

  12. Jim says:

    Other TKE alumni:

    Danny Thomas – entertainer/comedian/TV and movies. Founder of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

    Digger Phelps – former Notre Dame basket ball coach

    The Everly Brothers – Entertainers

  13. gfy56 says:

    Phil Simms, NY Giant QB and winner of 2 Superbowls is a TKE brother – Morehead State – U-Rah!

  14. BrosefStalin says:

    George HW Bush was a member of Alpha Phi Omega. It’s a service fraternity, that means its members can be a part of APO and still be in another fraternity.

  15. Adam says:

    John Wooden- Basketball Coach at UCLA -Beta Theta Pi

  16. john says:

    ron jeremy TAU KAPPA EPSILON

  17. Ducote Contreras says:

    ryan matthews-charger sigma phi epsilon
    john goodman- actor sigma phi epsilon

  18. teke too says:

    Elvis Presley was NOT really a TEKE. In 1960 the TKE chapter president at Arkansas State College cooked up a publicity stunt, and they made Presley an honorary TKE.
    Presley was a known racist. I don’t think any institution should be proud to have him associated with them.

  19. TKE for Life says:

    Famous Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon:

    Terry P. Bradshaw – Athlete
    Conrad N. Hilton – Founder of Hilton Hotels
    Fred Dryer – Athlete
    Phil M. Simms – Athlete
    Charles R. Walgreen – Founder of Walgreens
    Ed Droste – Founder of Hooters

    and MANY MANY more famous TKE members you did not include. Many of them are CEO’s, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, and Musicians

  20. mke tyson says:

    Mark Wahlberg wasn’t in any fraternity, he didn’t go to college, and Tony Romo was a member of Sigma Pi

  21. Travis Loon says:

    Delta Sigma Phi – Steve Carrell, Mark Wahlberg

  22. Mike Garner says:

    Famous Phi Kappa Psi’s
    Woodrow Wilson, President of US
    Mark Spitz, 7 Olympic Gold Medalist
    Michael Bloomberg, Founder Boomberg and Mayor of New York
    Evan Bayh, Indiana Seantor
    Peter Graves, Actor
    Paul Coverdell, late Georgia Senator
    John F. Kennedy, Jr., founder of George Magazine and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

  23. omega tke says:

    Ron Jeremy was a TKE, from pornstars to presidents.

  24. Brad says:

    Sigma Nu-Bob Barker, James Dean and Chace Crawford

  25. standing cat says:

    Hi author! Can I, use some pics from your page for my homework?

  26. J. Stizzy says:

    Tau Kappa Epsilon – Willie Nelson…enough said.

  27. Nick says:

    Take a look at the alumni of DKE in awe. No fraternity even comes close. 5 presidents, countless businessmen, incredible sports figures, inventors, and explorers. We discovered the north pole and have been on the moon. We have coached superbowl victories, own the Yankees, have coached college football longer than anyone, won a Heisman, and commisioned baseball. We founded Wrigley gum, Heinz ketchup, Proctor and Gamble, Colgate-Palomolive, and several more. We designed the Golden Gate Bridge, devised the Dewey Decimal System, and wrote the Scarlet Letter. Fed-ex, GE, AT&t, Southwest Airlines, Busch-Lomb, IBM, JP Morgan, and Xerox are all attributed to DKEs. We have revolutionized the world, and although some other fraternities have impressive alumni, they all fail in comparison to the brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

  28. Kyle says:

    Sigma Chi – John Wayne

  29. Jarod says:

    TKE obviously has the MOSt important members of all time.

  30. Tommy Rogers says:

    Phi Delta Theta: Famous Phis
    Lou Gehrig
    Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
    23rd President Benjamin Harrison
    and of course my personal favorite Neil Armstrong who then in turn initiated the Man in the Moon

  31. Theta Chi Tom says:

    Theta Chi

    Al Saunders (NFL Coach)
    Steven Spielberg (Director)

  32. Kappa Sig Dave says:

    Obviously Kappa Sigma has the most influential members of the modern era.

  33. Phi Kap says:

    Phi Kappa Sigma
    Adolphus A Busch IV- Founder of Anheuser Busch
    David F. Nolan- founder of the Liberatarian Party
    Charles L. Jarvie- President of Dr, Pepper
    Frederick de Cordova- Producer,
    A. F. du Pont & Pierre Samuel du Pont- DuPont de Nemours
    B. F. Bane- 1st head of Social Security

  34. anon ymous says:

    Omega Psi Phi:
    Jesse Jackson
    Michael Jordan
    Shaquille O’neal
    Bill Cosby
    Steve Harvey
    John Salley
    Vince Carter
    Benjamin Hooks
    Vernon Jordan
    Ronald McNair

  35. Eric says:

    Other Famous Sigma Nu’s

    -Harrison Ford – Actor
    -Bob Barker – Entertainer
    -Archie Manning – Athlete
    -Charles R. Schwab – Entrepreneur
    -Col. James B. Beam – Entrepreneur
    -General Paul Tibbets – Famous Pilot
    -Pat Riley – Athlete/Coach
    -Trent Lott – Former Senate Majority Leader

  36. Towner Blackstock says:

    Donald Trump is NOT a member of Phi Gamma Delta.

  37. Bill West says:

    Dr. Carl Rogers, noted psychologist is a member of Alpha Kappa Lamdda

    Dean Butler, actor (Little House on the Prairie) is a member of Alpha Kappa Lambda

    Allen Drury, author (Advise and Consent), member of Alpha Kappa Lambda

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