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Finding the right tutor is like finding a personal trainer – there are countless to choose from but finding one that you connect with can be an arduous task.

wyzant tutors onlineLikewise for tutors, letting students know about your areas of expertise, rates and services is akin to running your own small business.

But for tutors and tutees alike, this process just got easier. A lot easier.

The online resource WyzAnt is tutor-student matching service that offers in-home, private instruction in academics, test prep, music and more. With a database of more than 16,000 tutors from all around the country, all you simply do is search for tutors available in your ZIP code, contact the potential tutors via email, purchase your lessons online and have your first lesson with WyzAnt’s 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed policy.

When searching for tutors, you see their hourly rates, subjects of expertise, location and education experience adjacent to their profiles so there is no question about whether or not you feel this person is qualified to teach you or your child.

For tutors seeking part-time work, you complete an online application on WyzAnt’s website and within 24 hours, you receive a response whether or not you have the necessary qualifications for becoming a WyzAnt tutor. Once you have been accepted, you receive tutoring positions in one of two ways: Through a tutee directly or through WyzAnt, which alerts you to new tutoring opportunities in your area.

Started by a former tutor and a Princeton grad in 2005, WyzAnt remains true to its mission of helping parents and students find qualified local tutors quickly and cost-effectively.

Whether you’re a college student who loves to teach and wants to earn some extra money or whether you’re a hopeful graduate student studying for the GREs, WyzAnt makes the tutoring process fun and easy for everyone.

Check-out WyzAnt for yourself.

8 Responses to “Find Online Tutors With WyzAnt’s Matching Service”

  1. Jim Bonford says:

    I discovered WyzAnt when I was frantically searching for a tutor prior to my O-chem exam last week, and it was a huge success. My tutor was patient and highly experienced- a bargain for $35 per hour. It was smooth how I added my credit card information on the website and was charged after each lesson. I also appreciated that there weren’t assessment tests or a certain number of hours you were required to purchase. In my case I just needed someone to knew organic chemistry, and that’s exactly what I found. If you’re looking for a structured tutoring program for remediation or something, WyzAnt is probably not the place to go, but if you want a convenient way to find and hire a freelance tutor, this site is by far the best out there.

  2. kl says:

    Wyzant was a great source when I needed an accounting tutor. I was able to search through various tutors to find the one that best suited my needs. My tutor was always on time and responded quickly to my emails.

    Going through Wyzant’s website made me feel more secure about meeting with my tutor and submitting payments. The website was easy to use and setup!

    My tutor also had great things to say about how easy Wyzant made it to connect with students

  3. Emily S says:

    In some ways I agree with the above comment. I have been a tutor with them for about 2 years, I believe having added up more hours than many tutors. In some ways the site works fine- they find me students, handle the payment issues, create an email contact system, pay me in an accurate and timely manner. That part is smooth. On the other hand, they don’t respond to me as a tutor very well, they send annoying automated emails, you can hardly ever find a real person to deal with, and they are slow to respond to requests for info, changes, or other problems. I believe they have gotten too big for their systems, and don’t have enough staff to provide real attention to their growing army of tutors.

  4. Chris C says:

    I’ve had a very bad experience with this website, both as a tutor and a student.

    As a parent/student: It’s disorganized, and you must submit your billing information to fully connect with a tutor. I’m not comfortable just giving my credit card information and hoping that I pick a good tutor – I prefer an in-person consultation before money leaves my pocket. Lastly, WyzAnt doesn’t tell you that up to 40% of YOUR money is going to the website, not the tutor. And the website doesn’t cost that much to maintain.

    As a tutor: WyzAnt takes a big cut. They say it’s great you don’t have to pay to sign-up, but the cut out of your lessons adds up quickly. I use a different site that, to me, makes much more sense. With this other site, I pay $85/year to be listed – contact information can be exchanged freely, and tutors keep all of what they make. My second issue is the “certification” they offer – this is NOT legitimate certification. The quizzes are a complete joke – they consist of up to 10 questions and they are EXTREMELY basic. Thus, a tutor that doesn’t really know a subject inside-out could still be “certified” to tutor it.

    My last complaint (which affects both the tutor and the parent/student): WyzAnt’s customer service is TERRIBLE. On their website, they say you can expect a “prompt response” when you email. So I first sent an email, which they didn’t respond to. Then I sent another, which was again ignored. So I finally called and spoke to someone who said they would transfer me to someone else. When I was transferred, the phone rang once or twice and then went to an answering machine. I called again and asked when is the best time to reach that person because I didn’t want to leave a message and possibly be ignored again. The representative said the best she could do is transfer me again and I should just leave a message. So I requested that, instead of being transferred, she give me the extension of the person I need to speak to. Sure enough, when I dialed the extension directly, someone picked up right away. WyzAnt intentionally ignores both calls and emails. It’s very clear that this is a profitable website – the idea of it is great, but the execution of that idea is very poor. They don’t invest the time, money, people, or resources to make sure things run smoothly so that both the tutor and tutee can be entirely satisfied with their services – I think this is a MAJOR flaw in running a reputable business.

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