Stacks is a Fun and Engaging Flashcard iPhone App

stacks iphone appStacks is a simple flashcard app for your iPhone or iTouch, it is perfect for expanding your knowledge or even as just an entertaining memory game. Stacks can be great for quizzing friends and family, or utilizing the time spent standing in line or on a plane. This app is continuously updated with new content, with some categories available for purchase, and others for free.

Stacks’  flashcards cover a wide range of topics including:

– 1980’s music
– Americana
– Best Golf Courses
– Chick Flicks
– Duct Tape Trivia
– Government
– High School Reading Lists
– Inventors
– Morse Code
– Movie Quotes
– Pirate Phrases
– Roman Numerals
– Solar System
– States and Capitals
– Wine
– Yoga

Stacks creator Dustin Kirk was determined to design and develop the best flashcard application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Every detail carefully crafted to provide users with a high quality experience, including the the rich visuals, gestures, and animated transitions.

“The biggest challenge, yet biggest payoff,” says Dustin Kirk, “came from the desire to keep the functionality to the absolute bare minimum. I’ve always believed that by having a laser like focus on one thing, it is possible to create a remarkable experience. I believe this is a prime example of such focus and the results are quite spectacular.”stacks iphone flashcard game

Stacks has an “innovative user experience,” as the interface is “bright, clean, and colorful, and the interactions are fluid and intuitive.” I played with the app on my drive out of the city this weekend, and I quickly realized that once you start playing Stacks, you find yourself learning more about duct tape, Presidents, Shakespearean phrases, and The Great Barrier Reef than you could even imagine. I stumped my friends on Eiffel Tower and hot sauce trivia. Great fun!

Stacks is now available for $2.99 and includes over 50 stacks with the base application.  (Additional Stacks may be purchased for $.99 each.)

There are 120 professionally created stacks available at launch and totaling more than 10,000 flashcards and counting, the Stacks iPhone app offers endless accessibility to information literally in the palm of your hand.

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