Another Teen Dies from the Swine Flu

A teen from Naperville, Illinois teen died recently from H1N1, or more commonly referred to as Swine Flu. Michelle Fahle was healthy and only 14-years old when she suddenly got sick. Michelle is one of the 76 children who have died from the disease since April, according to the Centers for Disease Control. To put things in perspective, between 46 and 88 children have died in the past three years from the normal flu.flu

The symptoms usually associated with H1N1 are:
– fever
– nasal congestion
– body aches
– headaches
– sore throat
– nausea
– vomiting
– diarrhea

In order to prevent Swine Flu, take the ordinary precautions:
– Wash your hands with soap and water regularly.
– Use instant hand-sanitizer when you can’t wash your hands.
– Don’t touch your mouth or nose more often than necessary. This will keep germs from easily getting into your system.
– Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough to prevent the spread of germs, preferably with the inside of your elbow.
– Take a multi-vitamin to keep your immune system healthy.
Get plenty of sleep. This also helps support your immune system.

If you do start feeling sick, go to the doctor immediately. It’s always better to be safe (and healthy) than sorry.

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Via The Chicago Sun Times.

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