Best Halloween Party Ideas

halloween partyHalloween is almost here! Hopefully you’ve already picked out your costume, but if not, check out EDUinReview’s recommendations for the best Halloween costumes. So, now you have a costume.

Do you have plans? Well, if not, why not throw a party? Everyone loves parties, especially themed parties. And if you need a few ideas for what would make a ghoulishly awesome Halloween party, check out these ideas:

1. Jason/Freddy Kruger Party– Two of the scariest, evil bad guys ever: Jason and Freddy. You can easily plan a party around this. Tell your friends to come dressed as either of these villains, their victims, or even Wes Craven. Then pop in the DVD and start getting scared. You can play games such as whenever someone dies, everyone has to tell their own creepy story, or whatever creative ideas you can come up with.

2. The Addams Family Party– Dress up like your favorite Addams family member! Play the theme song in the background and hang out with your friends. You can watch reruns of the original series or view the new movies. You can also create a trivia game with random questions about anything Addams Family related! Make sure you have prizes!

3. Giant Spider Party– If you don’t like spiders, steer clear of this idea! Invest in multiple packages of fake spider webs and hang them all over the place. Then place plastic spiders all over the webs. Feel free to dress up like a spider, a fly, or even Spiderman. If you want to watch a movie, I recommend the Spiderman movies, Eight Legged Freaks, or Charlotte’s Web.

4. Murder Mystery Party– So maybe ghosts and goblins aren’t your cup of tea. Try a Murder Mystery Party! These are always a lot of fun, but you usually need at least 10 guests to make them work. You can be creative and come up with your own story line, but then you’ll know who-done-it. Or you can buy the script already assembled at

5. Pumpkin Carving Party– Sure, it’s not too original, but they really are fun! Tell everyone to dress up and bring their own pumpkin. Then break out those carving knives and get to work! You can make it a competition with categories such as Most Creative, Scariest, Prettiest, etc. Make sure to have lots of wet wipes on hand – this party can get messy!

So now that you’ve seen my ideas, it’s time to start making plans! What are you doing for Halloween?

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