The Best Part of Halloween: The Candy

halloween candyEduInReview has already posted our favorite Halloween costume ideas and party ideas. And while these are both essential to a fun Halloween experience, I just noticed we neglected one of the most important parts of Halloween: THE CANDY!

I remember when I was a kid, I would always take a king-size pillow case as my candy bag. I would not stop trick-or-treating until I had filled that bad-boy up with sugary goodness. I’ve been told I’m strange, but my favorite thing to get was those little bags of candy corn. Also, Almond Joys and M&Ms were always a plus. I remember one year I got three king-size candy bars (Butterfinger, Hershey’s, and Snickers) – I was a very happy kid that night. My parents were slightly less thrilled; something about a sugar-high and me not sleeping that night. I’m still not sure what they were talking about.

This year, I plan on being on the opposite end of the doorbell. That’s right, I’m hanging up my pillow case and passing out the candy this year. I was walking the aisle at the grocery store and couldn’t decide what type of candy to buy. I came home and started doing some research to find out what candies are the most popular Halloween candies. Here’s what I found:

The 5 Most Popular Halloween Candies
1. Mini Snickers bars– A true classic. And honestly, does anyone not like Snickers? There’s just something about the combination of chocolate, caramel and peanuts.
2. Reese’s Cups– Those individual cups are amazing! I always try to poke the peanut butter out first and leave a chocolate ring around the outside, but I usually end up breaking the circle and chowing down. Yummy!
3. Mini Hershey bars– Pure, unaltered chocolate! There are so many different varieties too. They have dark, milk, white, etc. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed when they find a Hershey bar in their goodie bag.
4. Mini Twix bars– Cookies, caramel, and chocolate, all layered together into candy-goodness! I may just have to wander on over to the vending machine and buy some now.
5. Starburst– When I was a little kid, my mom would tell me these were real pieces of fruit. So maybe Momma wasn’t being completely honest with me, but they sure are tasty!

And if you don’t want to give out candy, here are a few suggestions of other things to pass out this Halloween.

1. Eight-ounce cans of soda– You can pick these up at CostCo or Sam’s in the big economy packs. It’s different than what kids get at every other house and it’s sure to be a hit with thirsty trick-or-treaters.
2. Small change– This could get a little expensive, but if you don’t want to go buy candy or you run out of candy before the night is over, nickels, dimes and quarters are always options.
3. Sugar-free bubble gum– I remember one year I went to a dentist’s house and he gave me a toothbrush. (Let’s just say I liked the chocolate better than the toothbrush.) Sugarless gum is another way to keep a kiddo’s teeth clean and he or she may actually enjoy this one!

No matter what you decide to give out this year, make sure it’s something you like. That way if you have some left-overs, or if you just want a snack while you are giving away treats, you will have something you like.

Happy Halloween!
Via Yahoo! Answers and Associated Content.

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