The Youngest and Oldest Universities in the U.S.

old collegeThere are new schools established every day. Some schools have only been certified for a few years. The youngest major university in the country is Ave Maria University in Florida, which was founded in 2002.

Here are the youngest five schools in the country and their founding dates:
1.    Ave Maria University – 2007
2.    University of California-Merced – 2005
3.    Soka University of America – 2001
4.    Patrick Henry College – 2000
5.    New St. Andrews College – 1994

And of course, on the opposite side of the spectrum, some schools are older than our country.

The five oldest schools in the USA are:
1.    University of Harvard– 1636
2.   College of William and Mary – 1693
3.   Yale University -1701
4.   Princeton University – 1746
5.   Columbia University -1754

Is it better to go to a newer or older school? There are benefits to both. Older schools are usually perceived as being more prestigious and a degree from these schools is instantly recognized as something to be proud of. Newer schools are still in their baby-stages and are usually more adapt to growth. The curriculum is probably going to undergo more changes than the older schools. Also, these schools might be smaller and have a better professor to student ratio, which makes it easier for students to develop relationships with professors.

Do you go to an older school or a newer one? Which do you think is better and why? Post your thoughts below.


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