Two Stable and Growing Careers

classroomIt’s a scary time for college graduates. Although the economy has improved recently, we are still in a recession and jobs are hard to come by.

In looking at industries, retail lost 45,000 jobs, finance lost 42,000 jobs, and manufacturing lost 207,000 jobs, signalling the largest one-month decline in over 25 years.  Many college seniors are therefore considering graduate school, simply because there are not enough jobs.

Is there any hope?

Actually, yes. Two industries, healthcare and education, saw large increases in employment opportunities. Starting in January, the heathcare field has added 19,000 new jobs each month to the workforce and the education field has hired about 33,000 new employees over the same time period.

What exactly does a career in health mean? Well, it does not necessarily mean eight more years of school and a residency. Some of the most popular careers in this field right now are medical physicists, records and health information technicians, and personal or home health aides. These jobs are not expected to stop hiring any time soon; in fact, the number of working professionals in these fields is expected to increase by 50 percent by 2016. The healthcare field is a great industry for students who like helping others.

If healthcare isn’t for you, consider the education field. Careers in private education are growing rapidly. Both teachers and administrators are needed, and employees can earn up to $125,000 a year. That’s a very nice chunk of change, especially in this economy.

So if you are a college student and have been feeling dismal over your job search, try not to give up. The recession has to end eventually, and until then, consider a career in one of these thriving fields.

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  1. Frank- Career Search says:

    Great article. I think the education industry will recover and they will still be great jobs to have.

  2. Sophie says:

    Thank you for providing this excellent information. I would say to anyone who’s discouraged right now about finding a job, that one of the best things to do is to look for jobs if not a career in a steady industry such as healthcare and education.
    I’ve worked in education for years, and ironically I’ve worked off and on in health care as well. These are steady jobs. Even if you’re not currently working in this field there can be some excellent advantages to working in the education field even briefly.
    Have you ever wanted to get some additional education in various areas but weren’t sure how. Well one way would be to get a job in education.
    The schools I’ve been apart of will typically let you take a class or several classes for much lower cost wise than what you’d find if you were just attending. Some are even free, so this gives you double benefit. You are able to get a job (there are ever so many different jobs in a school) and you can improve your resume, what could be better?

    Keep your head up there are so many ways to work through this recession together.

    Sophie Maddox

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