Upromise Helps Students Save for College

saving moneyAs a college student, I have three main financial concerns: earning money, spending money, and saving money for college. Thanks to Upromise, two of my concerns are now combined into a system that makes saving for college so much easier!

Upromise is a free service that both parents and students can use to “earn” money for college by spending money on things you do everyday.

With a Upromise account, parents and students earn credits for shopping online, buying gasoline, grocery shopping, and even paying for car insurance. Upromise works with companies that students are already familiar with such as the Apple Store, L.L. Bean, and Avis. They have partnered with more than 600 online stores, almost 9,000 restaurants, 22,000 grocery stores, and countless other companies such as travel websites, insurance companies, and magazine subscriptions.

“Upromise’s goal is to help individuals attain the dream of higher education” said David Rochon, President of Upromise. “Only five percent of people are prepared to fully pay the expected costs of college. Through Upromise earnings and low-cost college savings plans, we make it easier for people at all life stages and income levels to help pay for college.”

Here is how it works: Every time you make a qualifying purchase, you earn points on your Upromise account. These points can be applied towards saving for a 529 savings plan, or paying off student loans and college bills. The best part is that you can also enroll your family, friends, and neighbors in your Upromise account, and then their points can also help you raise funds for college.

For more information or to set up your own account, check out Upromise.com.

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