Coca-Cola Promotes Education Through Local Community Programs

coca cola scholars foundationI probably drink at least three cans of soda every day, and I try to make at least one of them a Coca-Cola. Why? Well, since I am an advertising major, it could be because they always have those cute polar bear commercials around the holidays. But that’s not my motivation. I drink Coke because a percentage of every Coca-Cola purchase in the past 21 years goes towards helping education programs in local communities.

The Coca-Cola Scholars program helps over 1,400 college students every year and awards more than $3,000,000 every year in scholarships. High school seniors can apply for a four-year scholarship to the school of their choice; there are 250 scholarships awarded annually. Applications are accepted between August 1 and October 31 every year. Semi-finalists are selected in November, and finalists are selected in April. Of the 250 scholars who are selected to receive awards, 50 are designated National Scholars and receive $20,000 to offset college expenses; the other 200 scholars receive $10,000.

Coca-Cola is also dedicated to helping improve local communities through the 1st Gen Scholarship, C5 Youth Foundation, and Valued Youth scholarship programs.

The 1st Gen Scholarship is designated for students who are the first member of their family to attend college. This scholarship is also offered in other countries, such as China.

The C5 Youth Foundation is a leadership and volunteerism program that encourages students to become successful members of society. The five camps operated under the C5 Youth Foundation serve more than 1,000 kids every year.

Valued Youth is a program that offers mentoring and tutoring services to at-risk teens. Like the Coca-Cola Scholars program, funds for this program are gathered from the sales of Coca-Cola.

So next time you need a soda-fix, reach for a can of Coca-Cola. Not only will you quench your thirst, you will be helping other students get the hand-up they might really need.

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