Students Arrested at San Francisco State University

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The cost of getting a higher education in the United States is on the rise. Granted, students are not going to be pleased about this, but most just have to just grin and bare it.

Unless you were one of the 26 students who were arrested at San Francisco State University last week.

These students barricaded themselves in a building on campus for almost 24 hours. They were protesting the tuition increases in California public universities.

“The doors were locked with chains from the inside so police broke through a window to get in,” said Ellen Griffin, a university spokeswoman. “We’re approaching final exams and the end of the semester, and as many as 3,200 students have classes in that building.”

Fees for California State University students have increased by 30 percent this school year. San Francisco State University was not the only campus to have student protesters; students at University of California, Berkeley and at least two other campuses also protested the increases.

Among their demands were lowering tuition, forgiving all student loans, and ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since some of these requests were unreasonable, it was impossible to meet their demands and pacify them, said Griffin.

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