Achievers Writing Center Offers Professional Writing Advice on iPhones or iPod Touches

Check out the coolest new educational app for iPhones!

Check out the coolest new educational app for iPhones!

A few months ago, posted a review about the Essay Writing Wizard, an iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows students to write their essays on their iPod. The Essay Writing Wizard was created in order to transform the iPod from an organizational study tool to an interactive study tool. In addition to allowing students to write their essays on their iPod, the Essay Writing Wizard allowed students to take notes, review essay definitions and tips, and email their work to a computer. This all sounded pretty good to me, but now, the creators of the Essay Writing Wizard have created something even better. This new product is the Achievers Writing Center.

The Achievers Writing Center combines the benefits of the Essay Writing Wizard, everything you need to develop, organize, and write an excellent college essay, with personal interaction with a professional writing assistant. This assistant provides each student with unlimited support during their writing process. So if you get writer’s block or just can’t think of how to best phrase your idea, the assistant will help you. The Achievers Writing Center also provides assistance with argument development, paragraph sequence, and basic grammar and misspellings.Like the Essay Writing Wizard, the Achievers Writing Center offers iTunes apps for over 30 essay styles, including deductive essays, creative writing, and argumentative essays.

Imagine you’ve been working on your essay, and you think it’s pretty good, but you just can’t get your conclusion down right. Just send it to your advisor, and within 48 hours, you’ll get a response. Or if you aren’t sure which vocabulary word sounds best, you can ask your advisor’s opinion. Each advisor is a living breathing person, not a computer program, so you can take comfort in that.

So, if you need some help writing your next essay, or if you want the ease and convenience of writing your essay while on-the-go, check out the Achievers Writing Center on the iTunes store. Or, if you read this between January 10-17, 2010, check out the free giveaways on the Achievers Writing Center’s website.

Good luck!

4 Responses to “Achievers Writing Center Offers Professional Writing Advice on iPhones or iPod Touches”

  1. shakti says:

    I like iphones and ipods. I also have a iphone and i don’t have any problem with touch of my phone. I use it for my professional use also. I have a ipod also but i use it just for a entertainment.

  2. Ebert says:

    Unfortunately iphones/ipod touches cant use a styli, they need a warm finger

  3. Kelsey says:

    I’ve had some trouble with some touch screen phones as well. I recommend getting a stylus; they are more accurate than your finger and easy to use once you get used to them. 🙂

  4. David says:

    How do people type easily on touch phone.I recently bought Nokia 5230 and find it quite difficult to type on it due to lack of haptic feedback.On my last non touch phone N82 i was able to do touch typing quite easily but on 5230 no matter how much i try i make mistakes even with utmost concentration.Is there some trick.If yes please let me know.

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