Apple Might Partner with McGraw-Hill on New Tablet

mcgraw hill logoWithin the next few days, Apple is expected to release its newest multimedia gadget, the Tablet. This device will allow users to play games, surf the web, watch TV, check out the latest headlines from The New York Times, or read their textbooks.

Supposedly, education publisher McGraw-Hill is discussing a partnership with Apple. The goal is to create e-book versions of its textbooks on the Tablet, similar to the textbooks that are now available on Amazon’s Kindle.

It is quite obvious why McGraw-Hill would want their books and services on the Tablet.

“Publishers want to be careful that they don’t get squeezed out in this digital migration,” says Kathy Mickey, a senior analyst at Simba Information.

So why would Apple be interested in partnering with an educational publishing company?

Many think Apple wants to collaborate with McGraw-Hill in order to maintain its current role in the education system. McGraw-Hill is currently the third-largest educational publishing company in the country, therefore, a partnership with McGraw-Hill would benefit Apple’s image as being popular and useful for college students.

Apple has been a favorite among college-aged computer purchasers for years. During the third quarter of 2009, Apple’s market share was 28.3 percent.

McGraw-Hill also wants to promote its online service, Connect, through the Tablet. Connect delivers educational materials to students online. It also allows students to keep in contact with their professors, watch lectures online, and take exams.

“The more Connect can be displayed and distributed, the more it will resonate with students,” said a representative for McGraw-Hill. “The Tablet would be relevant to the ways students study and the way teachers instruct.”

The Tablet should be released around late January or early February. Many are curious if it will be successful, considering there are already two strong leaders in the fields of electronic books: Amazon’s Kindle and the Sony Reader.

What do you think? Do we need another electronic reading device? Or is the Tablet more than just an electronic reader?

Via Business Week

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