Barnes & Noble Allows Students to Rent Textbooks

barnes and noblesMove over Barnes & Noble is entering the textbook rental arena.

Barnes & Noble is the largest bookstore chain in the country and has been the top selling chain for the past six years. Barnes & Noble sells most of its books through its almost 800 bookstores. However, its quickly growing website also offers over one million titles, and a new line of campus bookstores called Barnes & Noble College Bookstores operates at 636 colleges and universities.

So obviously, Barnes & Noble is a big company. And now, in an effort to help students combat the rising cost of college textbooks, Barnes & Noble is starting to rent its textbooks.

Students may rent their books from the Barnes & Noble website or from a bookstore. Textbooks are then shipped to a campus bookstore. There are currently 25 campus bookstores participating in the new program, including those at Ohio State University, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Maryland.

Barnes & Noble is offering textbooks at 42.5 percent of their original price. The average student spends $667 per year on textbooks. So if the average student rented all of their books from Barnes & Noble, they would only spend $283.48.

That’s a huge savings!

Barnes & Noble isn’t the only online textbook rental company. Other companies include and

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11 Responses to “Barnes & Noble Allows Students to Rent Textbooks”

  1. Lynn says:

    Poor communication (leading to collections involvement), misrepresentation of fees and when we decided to purchase the book, we were charged the “List” price vs the price we would have paid outright from the beginning which was $55 more. On top of it, I spoke to 4 different agents and each one had a different story on where B&N came up with the charges. DO NOT RENT FROM BARNES AND NOBLE!!! Buy used and save yourself the headache!

  2. Rachel says:

    Please DO NOT EVER rent a textbook from Barnes and Noble. I ended up paying for $139 for a book that should only cost me $40. First of all, the rent is $32 for 60 days (neither quarter or semester last only for 60days), second of all, if you tries to extend the rental due date, they wont warn you that you could only rent it for certain period of time. So in my case, i paid barnes and nobles to extend my rent and, without any warning or email they removed my payment for extending the book and charged me for the full price of brand spanking new book instead. Thanks to Barnes and noble, instead of saving money, i got ripped off instead. Bad customer service! the advice that they gave me was “the best thing that you could do is to keep the book cause $139 already been charged to your bank account”.

  3. Mavis says:

    Bad part of Barnes and Noble’s textbook rental is if you decide to turn your rental into a purchase, it will be a final sale which is the cost of the book at list price!!! So you end up paying more than the selling price of the book that’s listed on their website.

  4. Ricki Brouwer says:

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  5. Anthony says:

    I think the textbook rental market will go a far way. E-follet has already started to rent out textbooks and my guess is, every college bookstore will start to do the same. I get all my textbooks online and I started to rent them since last year through this online company called They are way cheaper and far more convenient than the bookstore.

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