Top 10 Engineering Schools

engineering fieldsDo you like getting the facts and just the facts? Do you want to have black and white answers to questions? Does the idea of working in the oil and gas industry appeal to you? Do you want to build a robot or design a computer program? Then maybe you should consider a degree in engineering.

There are many different types of engineering degrees, including petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering, and chemical engineering. Your career options are endless when you have an engineering degree.

So where should you go to get your degree? According to US News, these are the best schools to get your engineering degree.

1.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tuition: $36,140 per year
2.    Stanford University. Tuition: $38,400 per year
3.    University of California- Berkeley. Tuition: $15,006 per year
4.   Georgia Institute of Technology. Tuition $23,742 per year
5.   University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign. Tuition $25,384 per year
6.   Carnegie Mellon University. Tuition: $31,437 per year
7.   California Institute of Technology. Tuition: $31,437 per year
8.   University of Southern California. Tuition: $23,958 per year
9.   University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. Tuition: $35,066 per year
10. University of Texas. Tuition: $14,704 per year

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Engineering Schools”

  1. Laslavic says:

    Clearly marketing and not real world benchmarks put you on this list. A glaring omission would be Colorado School of Mines. Illinois, Texas and Michigan?please. Those would be third choices at best for students accepted into Mines unless partying is your priority. Kids turn down sweet scholarships to those school once they get accepted at Mines….and pay full tuition as well. Georgia Tech doesn’t even make the long list. We’ve hired from most of these schools and I’ll be sending my kids to Mines or RPI based on the quality and character of the young people we’ve managed to recruit from these schools. You have to actually interact with these people and the most prevalent quality from the bulk of these schools in arrogance and lack of preparedness for solving real world engineering problems.. Michigan, you’ve got to be kidding. If you have to hire from that area MTU, Kettering or even MSU are more reliable sources of real talent. Of course if arrogance and well advertised football programs are your goals go for the Wolverines, Trojans or Longhorns.

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