Cornell University Students Commit Suicide

cornell universityStudents at Cornell University are dealing with the tragic deaths of three classmates in the past month. Alone. These students are suspected of committing suicide by jumping off the bridges that span the gorges on Cornell’s campus.

This brings the total number of student suicides at Cornell up to six this year alone. In response to this shocking trend, campus guards have been placed on these bridges to prevent more students from jumping.

Cornell has long been known as a “suicide school,” due to the rocky gorges that surround campus and that students have to cross daily. However, in the last ten decades, this nickname has become very accurate. Cornell suffers almost as many suicides per year as the national average, with 7.5 each year for every 100,000 students. Cornell has a student population of 20,000, but with six suicides already, they are quickly on their way to surpassing the annual average. These suicides are largely blamed on stress and depression.

Cornell is starting an outreach effort: Staff members are contacting every student to check on their emotional welfare, counselors are offering more services, and professors have been instructed to encourage students to take academic stressors in moderation. A special “Lift Your Spirits” ceremony has been planned for students who want to gather and remember those who have died.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of these Cornell students. If you are experiencing stress or think you are suffering from depression, please seek help from a professional counselor or someone you trust.

Via The Independent

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  1. Michelle Utendahl says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the three students who took their lives. At this time, our society is in total crisis. suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students and 1,100 suicides will occur on college campuses this year. I have just started a business called Positive Poetic Connections and I am a motivational speaker who will be heading to college campus to talk about an alternative to suicide – POETRY! It saved truly saved me. I know – most people don’t think about poetry as a form of self healing, but it is one of the best ways that you can get something that is truly bothering you – off your chest in a positive way without hurting yourself or others. I hope others will do as I am doing and will go out into the community to talk to our youth. They need us more than ever.

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