College Women Drink More Than Women Without Degrees

Young Women DrinkingRecently, the London School of Economics conducted a study involving 39-year-old women born in the United Kingdom during the same week of the year 1970. The Daily Telegraph picked up this study and released it to national and international news outlets.

The study found that women who graduated from higher education were nearly twice as likely to have a drink on a daily occurrence then those women who had not been as formally educated. The researchers also found that women from higher education were more likely to admit that they had a drinking problem.

Commentators on the study have argued that well-educated women were probably taught more effective self awareness campaigns and have taken at least a basic introduction psychology course, which would encourage them to acknowledge their excessive drinking. These women also probably felt more guilt because of this self awareness, which would in turn encourage them to admit their over indulgences.

Reporters have also jokingly argued that an educated person would refrain from letting an available good drink go to waste. They also commented that the educated women probably have a better sense of their personal beverage preference, thus consuming more, but it would be drinks in which they enjoyed the taste. This implies that they are drinking as part of a social setting as opposed to simply getting wasted to avoid problems or lose inhibitions to presumably be able to have more fun.

Maria Huerta and Francesca Borgonovi, the conductors of the study, also told the Daily Telegraph that, “Better educated women may drink more because they have kids later in life and have more active social lives. They also hold down jobs in a workplace dominated by men, where drinking is more accepted.”

Finally, the study reported that the connection also exists slightly for men, too, but the results were not as definite.

Via The Daily Telegraph

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