Panty Raiding – The New College Pastime

laundryIf this is the start of a new trend, maybe Bill Cosby should start a new television show called “College Kids Do the Darndest Things.”

A Michigan State University student was recently arrested for stealing 79 pairs of thongs from university laundry machines. He would have gotten away if a fellow student had not seen him rummaging through the laundry machines, and taking out many pairs of women’s thong underwear.

The East Lansing police said they have been working on the case since March 22, when one unfortunate women lost 15 pairs of panties from her load of laundry. The police arrested the unnamed student, but he has been released. He claims he does not have any type of a sex addiction and that the entire ordeal was just a prank.

One victim thinks the prank was not funny at all and is threatening to press charges. However, prosecutors haven’t determined if the “g-string bandit” deserves to go to jail.

What do you think?

Via NY Daily News

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