Pole Dancing at the University of Cambridge Relieves Student Stress

Image Via Polercise.com

Image Via Polercise.com

With final exams looming, many students’ stress levels are unavoidably increasing and the need for relieving that unwanted stress has caused one female Union member of the Cambridge University Society to request a pole-dancing exercise class to Juan de Francisco, a Union Ents Officer.

De Francisco took her request to the Ents Committee and was granted an approval for the class, which will take place in the Blue Room of the notably historic Union building. The Blue Room is more commonly used for debates, including in the past Winston Churchill, former Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

But now, starting April 25, 2010, for a nominal fee of two Euros, you can take a private pole-dancing lesson in the Blue Room, provided you’re a member of the Union.

The four classes being advertised are for women only, however no experience is necessary. De Francisco adds that “the classes are for fitness and well-being, and are not intended to be sexual. High heels are actually discouraged, the instructor has told me that attendees should wear trainers or go barefoot.”

Currently, pole-dancing classes are also offered across America and there is even a free iphone application that includes introduction videos, pole grinding, spinning, arch posing and exotic pole show moves, should you not live in the United Kingdom.

Still stressed but don’t consider dirty dancing to be your thing?

Don’t worry, the Union offers weekly yoga and pilates classes as well for members and non-members.

5 Responses to “Pole Dancing at the University of Cambridge Relieves Student Stress”

  1. Maria Pascucci says:

    I think anything innovative that helps students relieve stress is a step in the right direction! 🙂 Title it “Campus Calm After Dark”

  2. info says:

    I wish they had pole dancing in my college!

  3. houndrnr says:

    Good Grief! haven’t they ever heard of meditation and yoga? Right, that wouldn’t been as ‘unsexual’.

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