Elena Kagan's Education Background

Elena Kagan: Then and Now. Elena's senior college picture is from DailyPrincetonian.com.

Elena Kagan, Image Via the DailyPrincetonian.com

President Obama just announced his pick for the U.S. Supreme Court: Elena Kagan.

Kagan was born in New York City and graduated from Princeton, summa cum laude in 1981. She went on to earn her Master’s degree in philosophy from Oxford University and her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law in 1986.

While Kagan was at Princeton, she was the editor of the Daily Princetonian, the school newspaper, from 1980-1981. The Daily Princetonian issued a report on Kagan on May 3, 2010.

 Here are some excerpts from that report:

“Kagan was an organized and meticulous student, with a sparkling wit and mind, whose burgeoning journalistic instincts were expressed in her frequent note-taking,” Wilentz said. In addition to her intelligence, she was good humored and fun to be around, [her history professor, Sean Wilentz] added. “She’s very full of life,” he explained. “Very vital, very vivacious.”

“Yet Kagan was also more guarded in discussing politics and in her social life. “She had a reserved side,” Wilentz noted. “She’s not the kind of person to go on Oprah. But with those boundaries, she’s just a delight to be with. You’d like to have [her] as a friend.”

“And Wilentz reiterated that, controversies aside, Kagan’s stellar mind ideally qualifies her for the nomination. “She’s not an ideologue; she’s very pragmatic,” he said. “She’s a woman whose deepest dedication is to the Constitution of the United States. Which some people can think is a terribly radical thing, and some people can think is a terribly reactionary thing, but I think is exactly where she ought to be for the position she is being considered for.”

In addition to her excellent academic success and prestigious term as the editor of The Princetonian, Kagan was also the dean of Harvard Law School and served as the first female U.S. Solicitor General.

One more interesting tidbit about Kagan: According to the Huffington Post, she will be the third consecutive Supreme Court Justice who graduated from Princeton.

19 Responses to “Elena Kagan’s Education Background”

  1. Melody says:

    Americans are soo poor in terms of sarcasm. they can’t admit a well-educated lady, which might be better than some american dudes, who have nothing in their stupid heads.

  2. Genevieve Jones says:

    I’m so glad that I’ve lived long enough to see three women on the Supreme Court. I don’t think she pursued this assignment, but I think she’s worthy.
    A bad camerman may be the culprit, and the silly people critisizing her looks: how many have read and understand the Constitution?

  3. LP says:

    I think a Supreme Court justice should have some judicial experience… wasn’t there a nomination by Bush that was not confirmed because of lack of experience – let’s repeat that!

  4. Al says:

    By her qualifications, I think she will well if confirmed. As long as she believes in the Constitution and what it stands for, she will add to the wealth of knowledge already in place. We need to get past the name callings, bad press and let people be who they are. Looks doesnt make the person, what the say and do determines who they are. I’ve spent my time in the military and have worked with some great women, thats why I find it so old to see that some people cant and wont grow up.

    Elena, I wish you well.

  5. Judith Baker says:

    I do not understand. Why, whether she looks like a man or not have anything to do with her being elected to the US Supreme Court?
    I would think everyone would be so impressed with her education. I am. She has a sense of humor. All her accomplishments should be foremost in everyones mind. She is very well qualified and has a wonderful smile.
    I am part of ‘Remember November’.

  6. Sean says:

    I think qualification and education should be the issue here, not looks. I would bet money that those of you dissing are racist republicans, grow up. You have three more years, quit bitching!!!!

  7. Reggie says:

    The article, mentions she’s dedicated to the Constitution and I would hope she intends to follow it as the Founders directed and not add to it as both parties have done. If we want to add to the Constitution we need to ammend it appropriately. and no I don’t think she look like Shrek….maybe Barney Rubble but thats not any more reason she may be a good judge. She needs to study and discover the original intent of the writers.

  8. Chelsea says:

    wow it is a dude………. look it looks like a…no one can deny it not even me

  9. Anne says:

    I gotta agree with you there Chelsea she does look like a man…. I would not be caught dead looking like her LMAO :^( lmao :o)

  10. barney says:

    She was the dean of Harvard Law School when barack HUSSEIN obama had his transcripts sealed. Quid pro quo?

    This turned out to be true……There you have it. An open and honest administration. Has he ever told the truth?

  11. Chelsea says:

    wow it is a dude………. look it looks like a dude no one can deny it not even me

  12. Zvuv says:

    She is obviously highly qualified but is she a concession to the middle of the road and the GOP? Or perhaps President Obama is not really that much of a liberal contrary to the beliefs of the shrill Right wing and lunatic conspiracy theorists?

  13. danhutton says:

    She was the dean of Harvard Law School when barack HUSSEIN obama had his transcripts sealed. Quid pro quo?

  14. Nancy says:

    Marie, you’re right. These little boys with tiny little “Man Parts” need to feel better about themselves by degrading others. I hope Elena sails through the confirmation process. From what I’ve read about her so far, I think we’d be lucky to have her on our highest court!

  15. marie says:

    is there some reason the little boys always have to comment on a women’s looks? you never hear anything about how ridiculous most of the men on the court look. i’m so tired of the misogyny that exists in the 21st century. imagine the repercussions if these were racial slanders, grow up little boys and to all the ladies out there start standing up for all those who came before you as well as your mother’s and daughters!

  16. Lonnie Kasina says:

    I think she is highly educated.

  17. ken says:

    Its a dude!

  18. John says:

    Is it just me or does she look like Shrek?

  19. Jimmy C says:

    I think she will do great!!

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