Harvard Student Fakes His Way Into College

Adam Wheeler

Adam Wheeler: Image Via CNN.com

Seemingly motivated and on-track for a bright future, 23-year-old Harvard student Adam Wheeler appeared to be the ideal candidate for all of the scholarships, grants and internships he had applied to and received.

But when Wheeler applied for the Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships in September of 2009, the professor reviewing the materials noticed his work appeared to be plagiarized. The professor alerted officials and they began an investigation, which found that Wheeler had not only falsified transcripts and other documents, but also had submitted perfect but fake SAT scores that contributed to his initial acceptance to Harvard.

Specifically, he allegedly wrote that he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, lied about being an intern at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, and fabricated that he co-authored numerous books, courses he taught and lectures he had given.

His actual record, however, reports that he attended a Delaware public high school and did not have perfect SAT scores. He also had been expelled from Bowdoin College in Maine for academic dishonesty, according to a background check.

Through his college career, he received more than $45,000 in grants, scholarships, financial aid and other funds that officials are stating that he fraudulently acquired.

Having already spent a night in the Massachusetts jail, he is now awaiting arraignment on 20 counts of different offenses.

“The crux of these offenses are identity theft, fraud, larceny and falsification of documents,” said Gerry Leone, Middlesex County District Attorney.

Leone stated that the alleged deception was “an elaborate, entangled web of lies and deceit in a brazen and offensive scheme.”


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  1. Danny says:

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