Selling Drugs to Pay For College

stacks of moneyWhether you believe in the adage “the ends justify the means,” this story is sure to incite a variety of reactions in those who read it.

A resident of New Mexico, who was accused of ordering marijuana from California, was arrested late last week, but he wasn’t selling drugs for the usual reason. Andrew Vega claims he sells drugs to help pay for college.

Police traced a “controlled delivery” from California all the way to Louie Duran, a 34-year-old who lives in Albuquerque.

Officers arrived at Duran’s residence and saw him standing with Vega. An officer, dressed as a FedEx employee, approached Duran and Vega with the package.

Duran signed for the FedEx package containing eight pounds of marijuana.  After his arrest, Vega refused to talk to police and demanded a lawyer, but it wasn’t long after that he gave police reasoning for his drug dealing.

From stripping to pay for college and now to selling drugs to get your degree, it makes us all appreciate the legal efforts we and our parents have put forth to support our higher education. And at the same time, a story like this can’t help but make you wish for the day when going to college was a right, and not a privilege that inspired extreme action by desperate students.

Via Toke of the Town

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