Tips for Getting Admitted Into College

college admissionsWorried about getting admitted into your dream college? The admissions process can be stressful and overwhelming, but these helpful tips give you a better shot at getting in.

Here are a few tips from Online University Lowdown’s college admission secrets.

1. Know about the school: Admission offices want to see that you have spent some time researching the schools to which you apply. This shows that you are committed to the college or university and lets admissions know that you care about that particular school rather than just seeking a place of acceptance.

2. Apply to colleges that you are genuinely interested in: Don’t just apply to colleges that you are guaranteed acceptance. Enthusiasm and interest increase your chances of getting in and lets admissions know that you are making the right choice in applying for that particular school.

3. Don’t assume that private colleges cost more than public colleges: When factoring in grants, scholarships, waivers and other financial aid, private tuition could end up being cheaper.

4. Find people who know you best to write your letters of recommendation: Find a teacher, coach or boss with whom you have established good rapport. Admissions looks to letters of recommendation to truly get to know you.

5. Make your admissions essays personable:  In addition to grammar and structure, admission officials make sure that your essays check against your letters of recommendation. They want to make sure that you wrote the letter.  

6. Explain an incomplete grade: Deaths in the family or a prolonged illness may have caused you to get an incomplete on your transcript. Tell admission officials what caused the incomplete grade so they can better understand your situation.

7. Be sure to send in improved standardized test scores: Even if it is after an admissions deadline, your guidance counselor can make a call to the university or college and give the updated information. Though not every school will make exceptions, some schools will make allowances for these unusual situations.

8. Early applications are risky: Sending in an early application may not improve your chances of getting into a college or university. A recent study, from a Online University Lowdown article, showed that only 25 percent of students submitted early applications.

9. Reapplying may not be a good idea: If rejection comes up, don’t wait a year just to re-apply to the same school. You run the risk of getting rejected again and setting back your future education.

Via The Online University Lowdown

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