Where Will Justin Bieber Go to College?

justin bieberSure, he can’t drive because he does not have his driver’s license yet, but Justin Bieber is a cutie pie!

What girl does smile a little – even if it’s only on the inside – when she hears Bieber croon that he wants to tell her he loves her? His music sickeningly sweet, but man, it’s one of my biggest guilty pleasures.

Sure, most 15-year-old boys are not really going to say things like Bieber sings. Neither are they really thinking about pursuing a college education, but once again, Bieber is an exception.

Instead of playing video games while he is on tour, Bieber studies, according to People.com.

“I want to go to college,” Bieber said. “As Asher Roth says, I think college would be a blast.”

Bieber even has a major in mind: “I’m good at English,” he said. “I like to write.”

Well hey, those catchy and heart-felt lyrics had to come from somewhere, right?

So where should Bieber go to school? I would say my school, the University of Oklahoma, but I do not want to have to issue a restraining order against myself, so maybe that’s not the best idea.

Since Bieber is interested in pursuing a higher education as an English major, he should consider the top three English Language and Literature colleges, as reported by Education Portal.

1.    Amherst College– Amherst, MA.
2.   Williams College– Williamstown, MA.
3.   Swarthmore College– Swarthmore, PA.

What can Bieber do with an English language and literature degree? Well, besides writing more soulful songs, he could pursue a career in journalism, professional writing, law, or teaching. Sounds like “The Biebes” will be on the path to a great career, if his musical career ever fades. Which, I have to admit, I pray it never does.

12 Responses to “Where Will Justin Bieber Go to College?”

  1. ferdychrists says:

    Maybe he took school in his personal house

  2. areeb hussain says:

    hi bieber your so handsome

  3. Narkotices says:

    Hey i am big fan of u but i am really upset that think u don’t like study

  4. Bad Bone says:

    Nice Article, I am the biggest fan of Justin Bieber ( JB )

  5. moving smileys says:

    I truly love Justin. He’s so cute and makes really awesome music. I really want to go to one of his concerts

  6. Alana says:

    Well, first of all, i love that u love him because i do too, but maybe u should know the right facts. He’s 16, not 15. And he might have his drivers lisence already but if he doesn’t, he can still drive w/ an adult in the car because he has his permit.

    Oh, and btw, his latest album is My World 2.0, not My World 1

  7. Phil Lashio says:

    He is going to blow so many guys!

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