Best 10 Internships

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Vault recently released a list of the country’s top ten internships based on the 785 internship programs profiled in their Vault Guide to Top Internships.

The rankings were based on internships that offer the best mentorship and career advancement opportunities, internship role involvement throughout the entire company, the programs with the most preeminent compensation, past intern experience testimonials, and the programs overall unique and interesting appeal.

After releasing statements that the Vault editors recognize that every program has the potential to grant its participants with invaluable experiences, they chose to award the following programs as their top ten list:

•    Capital Fellows Programs
•    Garmin International
•    General Electric
•    Google
•    INROADS, Inc.
•    J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank
•    KPMG
•    Nickelodeon Animation Studios
•    Smithsonian Institution
•    Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Where are you interning for the summer?

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  1. Rusty says:

    This is a great post, I know that is a great place to find internships, I have been using this website for a few months now. Being considered one of’s top 10 internships is quite the accomplishment. All of the internships in the top 10 sound amazing. I can only hope my next internship is with one of these top companies.

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