Bros Icing Bros Drinking Game Sweeping College Campuses

Smirnoff ICED BRO

UPDATE: Bros Icing Bros Shut Down; Smirnoff Not Involved with ICED Game

I have to admit that my first experience with the newly popular drinking game referred to as “being ICEd” was when I saw a friend tweeting about “icing” someone.

The game, now getting national media coverage, has swept college campuses, and the premise of the game is pretty simple, yet most Americans are still confused on the concept.

To play you must give a friend a Smirnoff Ice, a sugary malt beverage, and they must drink it while down on one knee. If your friend is carrying a hidden bottle themselves in hopes of “icing” someone else, and you find the bottle, they must drink their own bottle as well. Also, according to the unpublished rules, there are two ways to stop an attack: refusing to participate and carrying a bottle. Therefore many students are buying Smirnoff drinks and carrying them with them wherever they go to avoid playing the game.

Most people do not enjoy the taste of Smirnoff, especially lukewarm as most people cruelly choose to deliver their icings.

“Part of it is that it’s Smirnoff Ice,” a teacher said, “If you did it with beer, you’d want to get iced.”

In May, many students were being iced right before they took an exam in the middle of their classrooms, causing teachers to be shocked and obviously protest until they realized that their cries fell on deaf ears because by the time they noticed what was happening the student was already done chugging. The game, that has also shown up at tailgates and graduation parties, Wall Street investment firms, and even weddings, is amid suspicion that it was created by the Smirnoff company as a genius marketing campaign, but the company denies any involvement in its creation.

“Icing is consumer-generated, and some people think it is fun,” a company statement read. “We never want under-age ‘icing’ and we always want responsible drinking.”

Even celebrities are participating in the game such as rapper Coolio and actor/comedian Dustin Diamond, as Hollywood starlets have been icing each other on red carpets and at their exclusive parties.

“It sounded like a perfect way for my friends and me to burn each other all summer long,” said Diamond.

Have you been ICED? Tell us your best icing stories by leaving a comment!

Via The New York Times supports responsible drinking by those 21 and older.

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