Famous Inventions by Kids

popsicleSociety tells us that in order to do big things, we must attend school, make good grades and be confident in ourselves to venture out into the real world.

But there is no age to creativity.

Here is a list of inventions created before these kids even received their college diplomas.

1. Back in college in 1934, George Nissen from the University of Iowa, invented a bouncing apparatus to help train the school’s gymnastics team, of which he was a member. In 1937, he trademarked his invention, which today is known as the trampoline.

2. After drawing up a sketch, six-year-old Robert Patch created the toy truck and received a patent for his idea in 1963. And thanks to Patch, companies like Tonka are thriving and little boys (and some girls) are having heaps of fun playing dump-trunk man in the sandbox.

3. The next time you hop on a snowmobile, send out a little thanks to Joseph-Armand Bombardier. Back in 1922, this 15-year-old Canadian got to work on a garage project with his brother. Fast-forward 15 years and lots of engine grease later and you have the first snowmobile. 

4. In 1905, Frank Epperson, then 11-years-old, accidentally froze soda pop as he left his drink out on the porch during a cold night with a stick stuck in it. After he made some money off a real estate investment, he applied for the Epsicle patent in 1924, but later changed the name to a Popsicle.

So what are some of your million-dollar ideas?

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