Flamenco Dancing in Spain

flamenco dancingFlamenco dancing is considered a huge part of the Spanish culture; interestingly enough, it is actually only widely popular in Andalusia, the southern part of Spain, where Seville is located and where I am studying abroad.

I had the opportunity to attend a flamenco show in Granada, Spain this weekend. Here is a video of the show I enjoyed. I hope you enjoy it too!

Flamenco started during the 15th century, when the Catholic Reconquista reclaimed Spain from the Moors. Traditional flamenco dancers and singers learned the art form by watching and listening to family members performing.

Today, most artists take professional classes to learn the art. Most people only associate flamenco with dancing; however, flamenco shows can also consist of singing and guitar playing. A combination of all three is most popular. Both men and women dance in el flamenco. Women usually wear a long, frilly dress that can also be worn for Feria, an annual Spring Fair in Seville. Men usually wear a long-sleeve shirt and pants combination, similar to a bullfighter’s outfit.

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