5 Weird College Degrees

Many students in liberal arts programs have encountered some very specialized and unusual majors. But dedicating your entire college degree to a strange subject is something different. We’ve rounded up some of the strangest college degrees out there–in case you were feeling limited by more traditional degree offerings.diploma

1. Tracking UFOs

In 2008, the University of Melbourne, Australia awarded Martin Plowman with a PhD in UFOlogy. He studied at the School of Culture and Communication, where he examined the history and cultural implications of UFO sightings around the globe. When asked if he thought UFOs really exist, Dr. Plowman said he was open-minded. “When a person tells me they have seen something in the sky that they can’t explain I tend to believe them,’’ he added. Niagra County Community College in New York is considering implementing a UFO major at its school.

2. Growing Marijuana

Oakserdam University, which now has campuses in California and Michigan, offers a 13-week certificate program in growing medical marijuana. They lay claim to a faculty comprised of the “most recognized names in the California cannabis legalization movement” and also offer electives in glass blowing.

3. Sports Ministry

At the Campbell University‘s School of Theology in Kentucky, undergraduate students can earn either a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree in sports ministry. This interdisciplinary programs teaches student how to spread the good word through sports by combining theology with sports leadership skills.

4. Bowling Management

If nothing thrills you more than knocking out a strike at the local bowling ally, then you might want to consider attending Vincennes University in Iowa, where you can earn a degree in bowling industry management. The degree takes four semesters to complete, and students receive hands-on training in the university’s 18-lane bowling center.

5. Beatles Expert

Liverpool’s Hope University offers a master’s program on The Beatles, titled ”The Beatles, Popular Music and Society.” Considered to be an important advancement in the study of popular music, the course can be studied either full or part time and culminates in a dissertation.

Do you think we left out a weird college degree? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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5 Responses to “5 Weird College Degrees”

  1. Nick says:

    As an Alumni of Vincennes University, we are located in Indiana not Iowa

  2. pete says:

    I’d rather see kids take the Bill Gates approach and put together a billion dollar company if they want to be thinking “out of the box.”

  3. nlb says:

    I often encourage the kids I counsel to be more demanding of their schools, to look for ways to use independent study and unorthodox study topics to follow their “weird” interests. After all, that’s how many important inventors/discoverers started out. They didn’t follow some predetermined set of rules only. I think that’s more productive than having to suss out unorthodox degree programs. But hurray for the weird!

  4. Ashton says:

    I read this article with a smile on my face. I really didn´t know that you can study how to track UFO´s nowadays.

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